Discuss The USC-Colorado Game

I’m already flustered after watching how unprepared Clancy Pendergast had the defense for the Wildcat play where Colorado scored a TD.

Here’s the frustrating post-game quote:

“It’s a win that allows us to control our destiny the rest of the way,” USC coach Clay Helton said.

UPDATED: USC is up 28-14 and going to win. It’s a typical Pac-12 South game. Terrible. USC will need to play better at Utah next week. Or will they?

42 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Colorado Game

  1. Trojan defense is winning this game. Helton & Martin’s play calling has Trojan WR’s & TE’s running into each other on their so called routes so J.T. Daniels is just having to throw the ball deep and up for grabs, luckily Pitman has been able to make some plays.


  2. Ugly win again with no offense in 2nd half and no adjustments made at
    halftime. Play calling pathetic with no trick plays ever used or even a reverse. Colorado injuries during the game definitely helped get the win.
    Utah will put them away on the road. This is a very avg. team with a mediocre Head Coach and a loser of an offensive co-ordinator.


  3. I was at the game, looks like Helton calls the plays. Watch him standing next to the signal caller and giving directions. I don’t think Tee Martin calls plays

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      1. I hate to write this, but UCLA will beat USC this year.

        UCLA is making progress. You can see it game to game. They are improving.

        USC is not.

        Ok, so when Chip Kelly jumped to the NFL, he was not the second coming of Bill Walsh. And he isn’t Nick Saban.

        But he is a quality football coach who understands how to build and run a program.

        Gomer Helton and his WKU hillbilly buddies are not and do not.


      2. I agree this year is setting up for 2 rivalry losses. I think We lose to FUCLA and Notre Dame. FUCLA will play spoiler. I have no faith in Clay and staff to have the team ready.


    1. They are getting better and Kelly’s got them going in the right direction. Talent has never been an issue. Maybe CK will give them an identity. It is better when both LA schools are good.


    1. Associated Press today: “Colorado also fell out of the poll after being manhandled at USC.” – Manhandled is about right.


  4. Very dull, unimaginative, predictable, sloppy, mistake-ridden offense. Passing game that relies too heavily on the long ball–very poor, ineffective short and mid-range passing game. At best an inconsistent QB. Penalties galore. Can’t protect the ball. No running game to speak of. Shaky pass protection. Mediocre defense that loves to give up big plays. An offense and defense that can’t FINISH!

    Very ugly football, and here comes Utah, ND, an improved ASU, and an improving UCLA.
    GOD HELP THE TROJANS . . . . .

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  5. SC4Life

    I think the defense is getting better. They Ollie.ayed as a unit last night. #9, the freshman corner is better than Iggie. Iggie should move to safety.

    The offense is horrible. Confusion, sloppy, no run game will kill sc


  6. Pasadena Trojan

    The defense looked better last night because Gaoteote was a force. He raised the level of play of everybody around him. He was blowing up plays all over the field, and USC hasn’t had a linebacker that can hit like him in some time. That’s how it’s done. That’s a real linebacker, and a true freshman no less. When a coach has a player like Gaoteote, you get him on the field. You find a place to play him. Did anybody notice that when he left the game, Colorado began to score? I love CSmith, but honestly, he wasn’t missed when Gaoteote was in the game. Incidentally, his effectiveness last night begs the question: Does this coaching staff really based their personnel decisions on COMPETITION?


    1. I watched the game on a blurry tablet without soud because I was traveling without access to a TV with FS1 or real wifi. Did he get a concussion when he clanged his head or were they just being cautious?


  7. I pretty much refrain from harping on things I’ve already complained about so I could talk about the penalties, play-calling, QB, lack of a running game, poor O-line play, poor schemes and execution on offense etc… However, the most moving thing that I’m seeing is the amount of young talent that we have on defense. There are young players on defense who have much higher ceilings than the guys in front of them. In some cases, they may be better already. This defense has a chance to be really, really good. I am talking in terms of this year, but I think next year this defense could be a monster. I love Cam Smith and I want to see him back, but the defense is different with more speed and athleticism at Mike. I know what great talent in waves can do and I’m happy to see such a drastic change from the sanctions era.

    Some of you will use the above as another reason to indict Helton for not playing enough younger players and on some level you might be right. However, it’s too easy to feel that way when you aren’t the person who recruited that older player and you actually care about them. You guys don’t understand what it means to have a good, committed and ethical guy as your head coach. You don’t understand that some of these coaches out there are really POS people. Accordingly, they don’t give a shyt about you. It gets pretty deep as many of these kids don’t have strong father figures and are looking for that in some way. I had a coach in high school who for some reason wanted really badly to introduce me to meth. After 3 tries, he finally succeeded. The night before the homecoming game my junior year, I was at his house snorting meth. This was in addition to the alcohol and marijuana that he didn’t have to try that hard to push on me. Anyway, I didn’t sleep that night and I couldn’t eat anything the next day. I did manage to choke down a glass of OJ, but that’s all I played on in a game that started at 2:30 PM or something. I came close to dying by the end of that game. I was beyond dry heaving and cramping in my legs as muscles in my FACE started cramping. The whole time, I’m knowing that I can’t have trainers or doctors really look at me because they’d find out what’s in my system. That’s the desperate situation a coach put me in and I understand it’s an extreme example of poor guidance. The moral of the story is that it’s not really easy to know when a coach wants more for you than he wants from you. For the most part, they all say the same things. USC players and their parents are blessed to know the answer to that question with Clay Helton. Knowing that beyond a doubt is not a small thing.


    1. Wow what an example of a bad coach who should be locked up somewhere. I agree that Clay Helton is a good guy, but fails in leadership when he doesn’t hold players accountable for their actions.
      Commit one penalty and that’s on the player but the second one without consequences is on the coach. He knows these kids are auditioning for a role in the NFL. He knows sitting on the bench is not the way you showcase your talent. Putting an errant player on the bench for one series does more for the team than looking the other way. It also gives valuable time to other players.
      Keep Helton, fire whoever keeps calling runs on third and thirteen or long bombs on third and seven – every time not just as a surprise but as the go to play in that situation. Nobody’s fooled by our sneaky plays.

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      1. The coach actually did get locked up because I wasn’t the only one he would have over. Someone told and implicated me, but I didn’t give the detectives anything.

        As far as the penalties, it’s strange that USC’s penalty totals always go up when a PAC 12 crew is involved. They are all over Iman Marshall specifically. USC was playing largely penalty free early in the year, what happened?


  8. Im just putting it out there, there seems to be a pattern with PAC12 refs aiding the USC opponent with a free touchdown every game. Colorado no more earned their final score than Arizona did a couple of weeks ago. Without the string of bogus calls against USC both teams would have been slaughtered by the Trojans.
    That being said there is still the lack of killer instinct on the Trojan squad. Case in point; the interception of a two point try was celebrated and danced off the field. Killer instinct teams would have run it back for two points of their own. I blame the lack of football awareness for this situation. But still it could have mattered given the Ref’s state of mind.


  9. Only difference between Colorado game and Arizona game was one lucky defensive TD. Abandonment of the run as a strategic tool to wear down the opposing defense will kill us later this season (Pitt almost beat ND running the ball yesterday). Can’t help but think C&H looked up at the scoreboard late in the 3rdQ when we had 0 (that’s right, “zero”) yards rushing vs. 250+ passing and thought, “the press/boosters/coaches will see I am an absolute idiot if I don’t gain yards on the ground in the boxscore.”


    1. In all fairness, Mater Dei plays the toughest schedule in the country. The Trinity league is ridiculous when you have the #1 and #2 teams in the nation plus nationally ranked JSerra. Plus they play IMG academy and Bishop Gorman- nuts. No high schoolers, pros, or college teams can get up week after week like the monarchs have been asked to do They’ll meet the Braves again.


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