When Does USC Get Better?

It’s six games and while I know people are praising the defense or JT Daniels after his two interceptions, here are two glaring stats: USC was 2 for 10 on third down last night. And USC rushed for 62 yards in 27 carries.

This is not a team that is getting better in many areas. But the offense is just one of them.


7 thoughts on “When Does USC Get Better?

  1. Watching the game is just plain frustrating. You know the talent is there it’s just being put to good use. Couple that with stubborn refusal to bench the linemen who wilfully disrupt drives by committing penalties and you have the recipe for USC ugly. Blame coaches or blame hotdog players it is still ugly


  2. The Trojans being coached by Clay Helton and his incompetent staff will win against the soft PAC 12, but they will never be competitive against CFP quality teams. That’s just the way it is.


  3. Brutally honest, defense showed improvement. They can be a steller defense, but they need more sacks and move Iggie Marshall to safety and play the freshman, # 9 at corner.

    Offense needs to be revamped to power where the lineman can block one on one. Play with a fullback and te. They ran student body right and gained yardage, but indiscipline linen held. But the play worked. U have a freshman qb, take the pressure off of him and let the line make plays by blocking and opening holes. But Helton and Martin are stubborn in their ways. This is not a sign of good leadership. They knew they had a rookie qb but they put the pressure on him instead of the line. For that, they should be fired for incompetence


  4. The USC defense has improved a lot since the start of the season. There is no doubt about it. They dominated a pretty good Colorado offense without Cameron Smith in the lineup. If Scott Wolf is intellectually honest, he will swallow his “Clancy can’t coach” narrative, and admit that he has made this defense better!


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