Porter Gustin Out For The Season

USC coach Clay Helton said defensive end Porter Gustin fractured his ankle and will miss the rest of the season.

Gustin will have surgery this week and have a recovery time of about 3-4 months.

“Sad to say that Porter Gustin late in the game had an injury that caused an ankle fracture that will take him out the rest of the season,” Helton said. “He will have surgery this week to repair the fracture.”

Gustin got tied up with two blockers near the end of the game, Helton said.

“Obviously he’s saddened by it,” Helton said. “He handled it well. But we’re all come kind of numb right now.”

Gustin will now miss most of the past two seasons with injuries. He missed 10 games last season mainly because of a fractured toe. He will miss the final seven games of this season.


13 thoughts on “Porter Gustin Out For The Season

  1. The Trojans football program has been brittle ever since Pete Carroll left. Pat Haden let the Trojans get pushed around and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight…you have norhing but a bunch of wimps running the show who are complacent with mediocrity.

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    1. What does that have to do with anything? Toughness has left the program. The players aren’t used to physicality, practicing like a bunch of girls…afraid to hit in practice because they might get hurt. Helton, Swann, Martin and Callaway…all nothing but a bunch of clowns.


  2. USC’s strength and conditioning program is a joke. But, having said that, I’m wondering if Gustin worked out TOO much, put too much strain on his body. He’s a big strong man, yet always gets injured. Strange.


  3. Sorry to lose a big nasty like Porter Gustin. He plays his butt off when he’s able to go. Big men and their feet are funny sometimes. I wish him a speedy recovery, but those around him must know that he’s going to be trying to make it back for the bowl game.


    1. Why rush back for a bowl game when you have a potential NFL future ahead of you. Look what happened with the f**king toe injury


      1. Because he wants to play and not have his college career end like this. It’s espexially true after missing so many games last year. He’s going to be dying not being able to play. Hopefully he keeps his head in the game and helps the younger guys out. It’s a tough break.


  4. Typical USC they left him in the middle of the field after the game with no way to get around. From what I read he got tangled up with a couple of blockers.
    I think he will still be drafted but I haven’t figured out how high.


  5. Awful news – hoping he has a full recovery, and that he is not rushed back as happened last year.

    Game outcome was in hand when this happened. What were they thinking?


  6. Another symptom of playing your starters the whole game with no rotation relief. Porter will be sorely missed by our D the rest of the way this season.


    1. “Make a great go of it in the Spring”? He’s a senior. His USC career is finished, and you just watched his final game as a Trojan football player last Saturday evening. Follow the team much?


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