USC Morning Buzz: The Level Of Tolerance Is High For Some Fans

Some people I see are taking the “I accept USC winning ugly and move on each week” approach this season.

It demonstrates how low the level of tolerance is for USC fans. Do you imagine fans at Alabama, Ohio State or Clemson would accept this approach?

Would those fans accept two receivers running into each other on TWO DIFFERENT PLAYS?

Would those fans accept getting a penalty for 12 men on the field and later calling a timeout for having 10 men on the field?

Would those fans accept the defense being confused about how to line up when Colorado went to the Wildcat and giving up a TD?

Would those fans accept a cornerback getting two pass interference penalties on fourth down?

Some USC fans do accept this.


20 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: The Level Of Tolerance Is High For Some Fans

    1. Ok well stop posting or create your own website where others can mock your musings. This writer has been here and previously with the Daily News for over 30 years. Yeah he’s a one trick pony per his obsession with perceived ineptitude but he also reflects what so many think as well. It’s why we’re alll passionate here about the state of USC football since PC left and Haden et. al. moves per personnel.

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    2. Is the product you see on the field, Ken, acceptable, in your opinion? You deride the blog (or blogger) here because he is spot-on accurate in his assessment? I swear, for some “fans”, they would eat a piece of feces and lick their fingers and ask for seconds as long as it was spray-painted cardinal and gold with an interlocking “SC” logo stamped on it. The team plays like crap, and it is undisciplined and the talent isn’t well-coach or developed. If you weren’t blinded by the cardinal and gold-tinted glass you must be wearing or understood anything about college football, you’d see this, and spend less time ragging on Wolf for an accurate critique of this weak, poorly-coached team and its feckless head coach. It is probably the worst coaching staff in FBS, and it definitely wins that dubiously honor if that is limited strictly to the Pac-12.


  1. We would LOVE perfection, but we accept that the team is not perfect. We’ll take the win, and we’ll learn from the mistakes. You made these same posts back on ’04-’05 against “Caesar” and his coaching staff – Clay is in good company in that regard.


    1. That’s the problem here. The team and the coaches clearly DO NOT “learn from mistakes”. After six games, they get no better.


  2. SCooter,

    I know u do read our retorts, but most of us have been saying the same thing and they are tired of the inept football being played and run at SC. It would take about $20 million to get rid of Helton and three other coaches and replace him with a good and solid coach. Look at U Clowns of LA, they paid Kelly $23 million and Mora $12 million to change


    1. Pigs are flying in Westwood. PT, the ultimate bozo Rah-Rah has demanded bozo u imitate 1 – 5 UCLA and employ a “…good and solid coach.”

      Question is PT, who besides Arty “I didn’t know squat” Briles, would be desperate enough to accept employment as the bozo u HFBC?


      1. Mike,

        If ugly ever got serious about football and invest into it seriously, they could have a national championship caliber team. They would need to hire a very good coach and the adm. would need to get out of the way. Uglies standard to get in is no different than any other school. Playing at the rose bowl is a pain to travel to. So, when the new stadium opens up, they could play at the rams park. Raise money for the assistants and equipment. If that happens, then watch out.


  3. Think about this statistic I found today. USC has 13 sacks for 78 lost yards. However our opponents have sacked us 14 times for 106 lost yards that says something about the offensive line. Also our team is so undisciplined we lost two easy points Saturday night. We intercepted the two points try, but instead of changing up the field to earn the 2 points the D Back danced off the field with the ball to celebrate. How did he not know the rules?
    I am happy with the win I am not happy with the level of discipline on this team. They are like middle school kids on a trip to Disney

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  4. Coaches John McKay, Pete Carroll and John Robinson wound never, ever tolerated the sloppy, undisciplined play that is now characteristic of today’s USC Trojan football team. However, the current regime does tolerate sloppy, undisciplined players and their play and apparently is giving tacit approval of same.

    Is there a USC player who can hike the ball to the quarterback? Just asking.


  5. Scott,
    Nobody is excited they are playing poorly, but we are fans. We are not fair weather fans or bandwagon fans, but actual fans. Im glad when we win every time, even when it is terrible. To answer your question, yes, all of those fan bases in the not too distant past have put up with mediocre teams who win ugly. What choice do we have? If we didn’t accept it, would it not have happened? Do we have control over who coaches? Nope. Its fandom, you win some you lose some. Its part of the deal. This team is poorly coached and plays poorly, but their my team, so I am in for all of it.


  6. Very well said! We aren’t happy about it, but we are fans through thick and thin. There is nothing worse then a fan that gives up on his team and only supports them when they are winning!


  7. Short of storming the place with pitch forks and torches, I’m not sure what fans can do. I suppose the other option is a strongly-worded post online and I think most of us have done that. I don’t continue to bitch because I think that we have what we have right now and it’ll be the status quo until the end of the season. Beyond that, I don’t think Helton is the barrier to success, I think the offensive line is. There needs to be a change there, but again, I don’t think anything will happen until the end of the year.

    Wolf, you mentioned the 2 pass interference plays and they address a gripe that people have. Biggie was benched after that and they put G Johnson in. This is the second time this season I’ve seen Biggie get benched after a penalty. I think that happens when you’re more comfortable with the replacement you’re putting in. Also, It’s one thing doing that with a single CB, but it’s a whole different thing doing it on the O-line for a false start or three. Depth gives you flexibility and there isn’t quality depth on the O-line. The CB position is pretty deep right now and they’ve been willing to play a lot of guys there. I think Helton will look more like the guy people are looking for with one more good recruiting class. It’s a post-sanctions thing.


  8. Hey Kenny boy take your own advice – “If you don’t like the comments then don’t read them.” It is as you said ‘Simple’

    Unlike you I don’t mind them ‘Simple.’


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