Lane Kiffin Offers Matt Leinart’s 11-Year-Old Son

Anything for publicity.

Lane Kiffin now says he has offered a scholarship to Cole Leinart, the 11-year-old son of fomer USC QB Matt Leinart.

Remember Kiffin made news when he offered David Sills at 13, who never made it to USC.

He also offered Tee Martin’s son, Kaden, when he was 13. Kaden Martin is starting at quarterback at Redondo High School as a freshman. But he’s not exactly tearing it up.

Kaden Martin has completed only 46 percent of his passes and averages 104 yards passing a game. He has six touchdowns and five inteceptions.
I should note USC has also offered Kaden Martin.

Below is video of Cole Leinart.


8 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Offers Matt Leinart’s 11-Year-Old Son

    1. Ever wonder why Kiffy and Sarky end up with each other … both got dumped by their wives at same time and then Sarky went mental. There is something creepy about both of them.


  1. During the 2005 USC Trojan football season when Kiffin and Sarkisian shared play calling duties Matt Leinart said in an interview that he audibled 85% of the plays that were sent into him.

    Shows you how much Leinart thought of Kiffin and Sarkisian’s play calling. Leinart called plays that he knew would work…plays out of the Norm Chow playbook, pkays that Dumb (Kiffin) and Dumber (Sarkisian) hadn’t put their spin on and screwed up.


    1. Thank god too … Snarkiffy nearly lost 4 games that year ASU,ND,Fresno,and the did find a way to lose the infamous Texas choke. Thanks for saving us Matt, Reggie, Lendale, and online.

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  2. Kiffin is a one trick pony in the young talent department. He did the same thing at USC with a middle school kid. He actually just making headlines. He has no intention of being at the school when young Leinart makes it to college. Don’t hold your breath on this.


  3. This is Lane Kiffin’s signal to the college football community that he is done being head coach at Florida Atlantic. He has had enough and is ready to move on. You will see Kiffin thrust his name onto the college football scene in the next several weeks. He is looking for a new job!


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