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USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin should be talking about how inconsistent the offense has been through six games. Or worse. Like how it scored only 3 points against Stanford.

Instead, he offers this joke: “Teams gotta figure out how they want to defend us … What’s good for me and us is, we’ve shown we can win games doing both.”


19 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Day

  1. It’s easy for USC’s opponents to defend USC’s running game because USC doesn’t have one. Completely non-existent b/c Tee Martin has never developed one. All he wants to do is play Raiders football and throw deep.

    Tee Martin is absolutely clueless. He has no clue about USC’s strong tradition running the football with tough tailbacks and even tougher Olinemen. Instead he’s looking to throw all the time but still sucks at that.

    Fire Tee Martin ASAP!


  2. Translation

    Tee Martin: “The good thing about not knowing what we’re doing on offense is that our opponents don’t know what we’re doing either.”

    What a genius!


  3. Helton runs the offensive show. Tee’s just a figurehead with a title.

    They’ve shown they can beat crappy, mediocre teams by struggling all game long to score and defend.


  4. There’s a lot of pressure on J.T. Daniels, maybe someday the genius Tee Martin will get a clue and start having Daniels roll out of the pocket.


  5. The ont things Tee Martin is really skilled at is checking out the latest culinary treats after any game – won or lose – that fat slob Martin knows some choice feedbags to strap on. What a slob

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  6. Tee is a college graduate right? I know direct quotes don’t always translate well when written down, but the he speaks says a lot about his intelligence, or lack there of.
    Football is like chess in many ways, mostly you need to out think your opponent. There is the rub think being the operative.


  7. The basic premises to offense is execution. The defense can and will know what you are running. That is fine, but if the offense executes perfectly, then the defense usually cannot stop. Look at Green Bay, the old Trojans, Concord De LaSalle, and other teams that operate at top effenicy. Martin has no clue what he is doing nor how to set up an offense to take advantage of the defense. Just let him recruit and coach receivers.


    1. Just cut Tee Martin loose completely from USC. No need to keep him around. He is not an integral piece, just another coach who can be replaced by another.


  8. The first of many to come?

    After giving the USC Trojans his commitment back in July, Bellflower (CA) St. John Bosco four-star cornerback Chris Steele has opened his recruitment back up.

    He announced the move through his Twitter account on Thursday morning with a well thought message.

    “The recruiting process is one of the toughest things for a young man to go through,” Steele tweeted. “This one decision that may seem so simple to everyone else, is the decision that will set up the foundation for you and your family years from now. I’d like to start by thanking God for guiding me through the decision, it’s been very hard for me. Secondly, I’d like to thank Coach Helton and the rest of the coaching staff for welcoming me into the Trojan family with open arms. I’d also like to thank Gavin for the consistent love he’s showed me since the day I met him, I truly appreciate you and everything you have done for me. After a lot of thought and prayer, I have decided that it would be best for me to decommit from SUC and open up my recruitment so that I can find a place that will help me reach all of the goals that I wish to accomplish. There is no love lost for USC, it’s my hometown school and they will always hold a special place in my heart. This is a decision that I have lost a lot of sleep over and put myself through a lot for, but I’m not ready to use the little time that I have to find the school that will fit me best as a player, student, and most importantly, as a young man. I understand that not everyone will agree with my decision, but I do ask that everyone respects it.”


  9. The problem here is not Tee Martin. The problem is having a worthless Athletic Director, Lynn Swann, and an even more worthless head Coach (Clay Helton) running a $100 million dollar football enterprise at USC. All three are clueless. But, then again, USC doesn’t even have a legit President who can step in and take care of the nonsense happening in the Athletic Department. I used to worry that the reduction in seating at the Coliseum was going to exclude people from attending the games. Not with this crew. SC is drawing 51,000 fans a game – nowhere near the anticipated capacity of 77,000 seats. Boy, how the mighty have fallen. As long as Lynn Swann allows this “coach” (used very loosely) to continue, the program will continue to sink. Serves USC right.

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  10. Every team has strengths and weaknesses, we are no exception. I am not sure our coaches know how to get the most from our guys. We need to be able to beat the other good teams, not just the tier 2 group. I heard Tee discuss the loss to Utah after the game. Yes we “should” be able to run the football when the opponent is in their cover 2, but we also obviously cannot, so why do we just keep trying to do the same thing and hope for different results. the guys need your help Tee! After his post game interview I went to several web postings and videos explaining how to beat the cover 2. Pretty much all of them were proposing several pattern combinations that can beat it. NONE of them explored countering the cover 2 with something similar on offense. I mean the cover 2 puts an extra guy into a zone scheme that depends on the d line to handle the run. That is simple enough, and if you fall for it, you do exactly what the defensive scheme wants you to do on offense: go and try to beat us, because our 4 D line guys can handle your 5 O line guys. That is exactly what happened to us, and we do not have a power back with enough to run through it. I propose a way for us to beat these teams by leveraging the strengths of our team, which we have, and we have a lot of. For example when Andre Ward had to beat Sergei Kovalev which he did twice, he knew how to beat a stronger guy by taking his oxygen away. Andre has amazing skills like our team does, but had to approach it a certain way, which we can also do. Against utahs cover 2 you need to force their safety’s and corner to come up and run support. That is tiring for them, but you must force that to happen by either playing a full back or putting a guard in that spot. This cuts down your patterns but we not being mysterious or tricky here. We are just running to move the chains and get some yards on the ground. Then if you are going to throw short throw to tight ends who can out muscle the secondary. When you throw short to your wide outs over the middle you are making it easy on the secondary, and you taking the natural talent advantage your wide outs have away from them. We went there early and predictably and in my opinion, we made it easy for Utah by playing into their strengths. Had we changed our rigid commitment to the spread we could introduce that over the course of the game once we got a little respect around the scrimmage line which we never did. Carr is also an excellent receiver. I guess I could go on here, but the point I am making is that our coaches do not appear to be operating at the level we need at USC. Football has advanced past the “lets go kick their ass” level. How about about let’s be smart and kick their ass. It’s time for a change. Last couple of years we had some good seniors and Sam who sort of bailed us out. Now what. Really, Tee is not an OC, and Clay gave him the board, so he has to take the blame. They need to go.


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