10 Things USC Needs To Do To Beat Utah

Here is my article on 10 things USC needs to do to beat Utah. It’s on USC247.com and it’s free!


29 thoughts on “10 Things USC Needs To Do To Beat Utah

    1. What a surprise (not) Ken agrees with you – overuse? No just a slob caught in a police line-up with that patented Clay ‘Farmer-In-The-Dell’ baseball cap stuck on his egg-shaped head.


  1. This post literally has nothing to do with Utah.

    Usually when an actual writer or analyst writes one of these “things to do to beat the other team” stories, they focus on matchups and strategies that your team can use in the game.

    For wolf, it’s just a litany of complaints about USC. Absolutely no content or information about what we need to do to beat Utah.

    Not that I disagree with the criticisms of the coaching.

    But if you’re going to make a post about how to beat Utah, include something, anything, about, you know, Utah’s football team.

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  2. I wholeheartedly agree with SW’s opinions on this, but where’s the game analysis? Where’s the actual sports writing? How does SC stack up to Utah, SW? Can you tackle that question?

    Utah has exactly one quality win, and that was against a disabled (Loveless) Stanford unit having a crappy night. Still, I have no doubt Helton and Tee Martin will find a dozen ways to lose the game, while the inconsistent, undisciplined, unfocused team plays down to expectations. This is a statement game for Utah…they’re no doubt licking their chops.

    Utah 31 SC 10


    1. Beg to differ, bozo u lost the Stanford game because Stanford’s defense stepped up big time. Don’t forget Succster’s, bozo u failed to score a TD against the Stanford D.

      Utah S/B waiting for Succ just like Stanford, primed and ready to play competitive, smack FB. Fireball on Rah-Rahs.


  3. PAC-12 Average Attendance through Week 7:

    1. Washington – 69,816
    2. USC – 56,248
    3. UCLA – 55,369
    4. Oregon – 52,903
    5. Arizona St – 51,745
    6. Colorado – 47,285
    7. Utah – 46,432
    8. Arizona – 45,080
    9. Cal – 42,152
    10. Stanford – 38,196
    11. Oregon St – 34,633
    12. WSU – 29,727

    LOL, UCLA a 1 – 5 team is averaging just 879 fans less per home game than the Mighty Chumps. Can’t wait for Succ vs Utah game.


    1. Clarification: of the 55,369 in attendance at Blowin games, 30,125 are visiting team’s fans, 12,244 are gameday giveaways, and 4,000 are high school bands lured to the game. The rest are, I suppose you could say, Sawtelle State “fans.”

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      1. Owns isn’t very bright. Dropped out of Cerritos I believe. Half of the Rose Bowl are give away tickets. There was a group outside my grocery store handing out tickets a couple of weeks ago. “please take these.” They we’re begging. ROTFLMAO!

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      2. Whoa there Dean Wormer. UCLA attendance figures are based on actual paid attendance. bozo u’s HG attendance is figured on the # of Fireballs sold in the 1st quarter, minus the # of bozo fans leaving the Crumbling Mausoleum in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. Bloated, Fat Cat Succsters will not tolerate $45.00 watered-down Fireballs. SUCC on Dean Wormer.


      1. I am LMAO right now about Rosen. Remember when he said that he will make the first nine teams that did not pick regret their decision? (paraphrarizing) Well those nine teams ahead are glad they did not pick him. As usual, the Cardinals took a dumpster fire and poured gas on it to make a cluster bomb. He threw his usual picks and he looked like he was lost in the head lights like a deer.

        Darnold in the mean time will lead the Jets yet to another victory. Go Darnold.


    1. Hey ‘tebowobama’ remember Haden’s goofy ‘USC focus of the week’ or whatever Haden chose to call it….the cloning of that mush mouth bore job Tom Brokaw and his ‘American Moment’….same reaction i.e. the guy actually thinks someone “…. is captivated by my thoughts and my voice! Yes!”

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