If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

With five-star cornerback Chris Steele officially decommitting this week, it makes something painfully obvious: At the moment, USC has 15 commitments but this is hardly a marquee recruiting class.

The class is currently ranked No. 26 by Rivals. Eight of the 15 commits are three-stars.

There are only two defensive backs: Max Williams of Serra tore his ACL earlier this season and Trey Davis of Federal Way, Wash., was not offered by Washington despite living 23 miles from Seattle.

USC loses Iman Marshall, Ajene Harris and Isaiah Langley after this season. No matter what you think of them, they need to be replaced. And so do safety Marvell Tell and safety Bubba Bolden. But USC has not received a commitment from a safety despite bringing only three safeties back next season.

Naturally, USC has commitment from three wide receivers for next season and could get at least two more. Priorities!!

  • Steele is an interesting case. He suddenly went from being USC’s No. 1-ranked recruit and enthusiastic recruiter of other prospects to decommiting. Depending on who you believe, he was either dropped by USC or wanted to get away from home. I find the latter theory implausible.
  • Mater Dei wide receiver Bru McCoy has not been shy to let it be known he will eventually commit to USC. There are rumors lately he is looking hard at Texas.
  • USC inflated the attendance figure for the Colorado game to 57,615. That was still the smallest crowd for a USC-Colorado game at the Coliseum since 1964.
  • Two players wore No. 1 at USC last season: Joseph Lewis and Jack Jones. Lewis was sentenced to one year after prosecutors accused him of punching, strangling and scratching his girlfriend while Jones has been sentenced to 90 days for breaking into a Panda Express.
  • Maybe USC receivers are running into each other during games because they have a quarterback coaching them? Just like an offensive line coach is coaching the running backs.
  • For much of former USC coach John McKay’s career, freshmen were ineligible and the Trojans had a freshman team.

“Never have a head freshman coach,” McKay would say. “He will go undefeated and think he should be the next coach.”

  • Have you found a place to watch the USC-Utah game that has the Pac-12 Network?

23 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Just a reminder…

    C. L. Max Nikias has agreed to step down, effective immediately, and will move into the role of President Emeritus and Life Trustee of the University. This decision follows the announcement, earlier this summer, that the USC Board of Trustees and Nikias had agreed to an orderly transition and that a special committee of the board would commence a search for a new president.

    Among other responsibilities, Nikias will continue to serve as a tenured professor and holder of the Malcolm R. Curry Chair in Technology and the Humanities, and will assist with the transition of the incoming president. The Board of Trustees has appointed Wanda M. Austin as interim president.

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    1. I wonder what it would cost USC to hire a proctologist that could pull Helton, Martin and Callaway’s heads out if their asses?

      Probably wouldn’t be worth it seeing how they all have shit for brains.


    2. http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-ln-tyndall-university-settlements-20181019-story.html

      On top of the Cl. Action settlement (a cool 210 million), bozo u stunningly continues to employ “Slapsy Maxie,” the man ultimately responsible for SUCC’s ugly crimes and reputation, as a tenured Professor; and honor him as President Emeritus, and SUCC Lifetime Trustee.

      The other day, I read a decent opinion by a SW, bozo fan. The last sentence in his thread, asks the question: What has happened to my University?


  2. The proof in the recruiting pudding is in the eating. Clay Helton dominates in recruiting. Until he has a less-than-stellar class, keep your focus on his shitty on-field and practice coaching. He’s got the recruiting locked. Then again, you always say SC recruits itself, so he’s doubled covered there.


    1. With each and every passing year under Helton’s tutelage the Trojans have sent less and less players into the NFL. Helton’s incompetent coaching will eventually end up affecting USC’s ability to recruit itself.

      Not even USC’s Blue Chip football pedigree will be immune from taking a hit with this nonsense the university has associated with it’s football program. Player development has been non-existent for some time now and recruits are starting to take notice.

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  3. SC football will be in a world of hurt. This reminds me of Larry Smith and his recruits. You had Dave Webb playing def. line at 235 lbs. The oline was better but not by much. Confusion on the defense and offense. Here come the Larry Smith and Paul Hackett dark days. Wake me up when there is a new coach and when USC cares once again for their football. This program is dead.


    1. One thing I will say per Helton – at least he isn’t the self-pitying clown that epitomized the coaching career of Smith. Remember when he publicly whined about having to play the irish and bel-air tech back-to-back in even numbered years? Then we got sacked his wife and her angst for poor larry – never mind under his skill set it was off to the (now defunct) Freedom Bowl to play Fresno State – game lost and finally USC was rid of Smith


      1. Come on Commie Succ, Fresno State ran over bozo u like a frozen rabbit in the headlights of a Peterbilt tractor-trailer.


  4. I remember when he said that USC would never rise to its former self and that sc would be in parity with the other teams. That is what got him fired. In other words, he did not want to recruit. He lived on Tolner’s recruits and then the recruits dried up and you saw what happened.


    1. He came from: Tulane…then AZ before USC after getting sacked by USC he went to MO and then ‘oblivion’ but hey who remembers any head coach at bel-air tech – any – it’s all the ‘peckerwood’ 24/7….akin to the demoncrats love for ‘Jack our Jack….Bobbie….Teddie….Jimmah….barakska….and the most pathetic of all that running mate for the concierge Gore….’Lord’ (I never worked a single day in my life) ‘Bentsen’. Why I told Lyndon that back in my day the blacks knew their place….not like now but yes they do have their uses holding my bridle and voting for us demoncrats…other than that I tell you whatever it takes – being a ‘putz deluxe’ is what all demoncrats should aspire to….now for my miny julep….I say you…uhhh…Johnson….yes hold my mount…I have to go and see ‘Beto O’Rourke’….he’s ‘channeling’ me…’jack’ is busy banging someone’s wife……


      1. Most people hold zJohn and Tobert Kennedy in high esteem. However where did Slick Eiiley learned how to abuse women? He learned from John and Tobert. They both had affairs with Marilyn Monroe and other women.

        Cheaters on their wives


  5. By my count, Helton-coached teams are 8-11 against opponents that were ranked at the time of the game, and 23-1 against unranked opponents.

    He wins enough to stay employed. This could go on for years. This is death by a thousand cuts.

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      1. Would have given you guys thumbs up for your commentary, but Scott’s website says that my account doesn’t exist when I click on the like button. On the other hand, it lets me post this reply. Go figure.

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  6. Where is todays article? “Saturday’s Strategy”…how about that? We can discuss what Helton and Martin won’t do that will cost the Trojans this evening.


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