USC Reached Low Point In Utah

Here are my thoughts on the Utah game, which is fully available on

“I’m pissed that we lost the game, but I’m understanding too we’re relatively young, and a lot of young players are playing better as we go,” USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin said. “So I’m not discouraged, I’m not down. Obviously I want to look at where we can be better and where we broke down.”

Young  team? USC has three seniors on its offensive line and four starters back from last season. It returns all its tight ends and star wide receivers Michael Pittman and Tyler Vaughns. Tailback Aca’Cedric Ware is a senior.

No one is playing better “as we go.” Is quarterback JT Daniels looking better than six weeks ago? Is wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown noticeably better?

Is anyone getting better?

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15 thoughts on “USC Reached Low Point In Utah

  1. USC needs to take a look at Chris Klieman who is currently the head coach at North Dakota St. You don’t achieve a record of 61-6 without knowing a thing or two about coaching.

    Les Miles – Former LSU head coach is out there, also worth taking a look at.


    1. Kileman seems really well regarded by other coaches – very interesting outside-the-box idea. Miles has a 77% win rate at LSU.

      Helton was the third straight head coach that did not have a strong resume for the job. Well-run organizations don’t make the same mistake 3 times. But Haden did it with flying colors.

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      1. Haden’s legacy has totally imploded. He became the athletic director having been the co-announcer for ‘the princess’ aka notre dame and bought into the uniqueness of it. As tebobama noted Haden’s moves were to cast USC into a replicate of ‘the princess’. Haden threatened to move USC out of the Pac-12 as an ‘independent’ a la ‘the princess’. Haden moved to ram the LGBQTXYZ depraved ‘acceptance’ notice per the university while cravenly choosing to let the corrupt ncaa destroy the football team. Haden made it a point of removing Reggie Bush’s Heisman and publicly excoriating him – the logic was this would show the ncaa he was ‘their man’. He did the same to Todd McNair.

        Haden didn’t find Kiffin very skilled so he publicly sacked him denying him even the courtesy of a ride back to the university in the dead of night. He assayed Ed Orgeron as not head coach material – not because of his abysmal record @ MS (and it was abysmal) but because Orgeron was someone Haden would never feel comfortable with. Then the ‘search’ after Orgeron stormed away after being told it wasn’t going to happen. The Petersen rehearsed interview while (Haden’s own words) his “…hunch about Sarkisian.” The subsequent exposure of what a complete failure of a modicum of due diligence on Haden’s part for that hire per Sarksian’s documented addiction to alcohol. Now the final move – he gives Helton a 3 years deal three years ago this very month.

        For Haden his ‘health’ became an issue as he segued from the ‘AD’ to his pet dream job – re-casting the Coliseum in his vision. His health concern was legitimate but I sense he was also aware the sharks at the LA Times had uncovered an arrogant abuse of power per his control of a non-profit ‘Mayr Foundation’ that he’d assumed control from his father-in-law who had died in the early 2000’s. Haden had quickly ramped up salaries for zero work for both his daughter and sister-in-law tapering off at $60K per year for each. Not to be outdone in his magnanimous largesse, Haden himself took $70K per annum – this went on with the blessing of Wells-Fargo Bank and their ‘oversight’.

        What was Haden’s fallout? A statement from Nikias’ office that he was “,… longer ‘officially’ employed by USC…” No statement of his being terminated nor any public apology demanded from him – no just that. Mind you he’s still doing his Frank Lloyd Wright con job with the stadium and I think we’ll see him slowly emerge once the stadium has been restored to Pat’s vision a year+ hence.

        Very long I know – this mess is all Haden’s and has been compounded by hiring that househand Swann as his replacement.

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  2. 1st things first Get Helton out. Second pay a proven coach and a brand new coaching staff. 3rd we can all enjoy USC football again. My bar tab keeps getting higher and higher each week as i watch this team play. I don’t think my liver can take another week of this .


  3. Its pretty obvious Clueless Clay is way over his head. With the talent this team has and its recruiting class we should in the top 10 rankings every year. Instead Clueless Clays goal is to win the pac 12 south. What a joke!!


  4. A poster on one of the USC message boards asked. “Should the band play the Benny Hill” theme song when the Trojans offense takes the field?”



      1. You would think the bozo interim President Wanda M. Austin would firmly crush any possibility of bozo u employing Art ” I didn’t know squat” Briles as HFBC. However, I’m not so sure she would have authority to nix the Briles recruitment.

        C.L. Max Nikas condoned and presided over the worst (with the exception of increasing the bozo Endowment) era in bozo u history. The litany of bozo defendant lawsuits, the result of his poor judgment and ineffective, lax management are abundant. Max Nikas hired Pat Haden, nurtured Haden, protected Haden, as Haden blundered his way, fortified by Fireballs, to remake USC into Clown U.

        It’s true MN stepped down as President BUT remains a bozo u tenured Professor, an anointed President Emeritus and appointed a lifetime SUCC trustee. LOL

        So it seems to me, Art Briles has a rather good chance at bozo HFBC employment.


  5. Sean Payton
    John Harbaugh
    Mike McCarthy
    Mike Tomlin
    Jack Del Rio

    Swann ought to be on the phone with their agents now. Actually, SC should probably be in the middle of a search for a new athletic director right now. Head football coach can wait a little.


      1. This is EFFIN’ USC. They can have any effin’ recruit they want west of the effin’ Rockies. Well, any recruit that Alabama doesn’t want. And, it’s effin’ time they — as a university — started actin’ like it. I’ve traveled to see this team play across the country, but no more. Not for this regime. It ain’t worth it to spend more than a thousand dollars just to see the most spirited effort coming from The Song Girls. Where is the pride? Where is the discipline? Where is the focus? Where is the guts? Where is the heart??? … What a waste.

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