USC Sign Of The Times

A player and a coach had to be seperated during the game after USC players spilled on to the field during a celebration following Jay Tufele’s fumble return TD.

That tells you all you need to know about the discipline or lack of in the football program.

You can fire the offensive coordinator but it will not address how hard the team practices or the lack of discipline within the program.



28 thoughts on “USC Sign Of The Times

    1. Man, I feel bad for Clay. The guy is just snakebitten. Clay can’t block, tackle, throw or catch for these guys. the players just need to execute better.

      The pac 12 refs have it out for Clay. I can name a handful of horrible calls that cost us multiple games.

      Viva Coach Helton


  1. Ray, the reason Clueless clay doesnt address the O-line issues is because like everything else. There is nothing to fix were good. All we have to do is watch the film. WTF! Come on Swann!


  2. Not before January at the soonest – the bill for that perv Tyndall is the issue ‘but’ football is the athletic department cash cow and w.o. a decent team the ticket sales and booster donations will shrivel (if they haven’t already). These past two years were an easy schedule – sole tough games were the – OOC 2017 Western MI, TX and ‘the princess’ 2018 UNLV, TX & ‘the princess’. Conference was smooth because no games against WA or OR – next year that ends.

    I would think the other coaches in other sports are ‘behind the scenes’ hoping for a dismissal of Helton if only to shore up the leakage sure to turn into a flood if this poor clown is retained as head coach – football pays the bills for everyone else.

    Might happen but with Swann in charge expect the same – that guy is clueless


    1. Rusoviet, on the money. SC hired 3 straight coaches without a decent head coaching resume, and hired two ADs without any experience at doing the job. Zero for 5, and this will impact the program for years unless they are willing to make an investment now, but as you note, there is the shameful $215 million that has to be paid out.

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      1. hey ‘my favorite USC team – 1967’ were you there in ’67? Mike Battle and Tim Rossovich’s ‘pain contests’….best was the defeat of bel-air tech in what Keith Jackson called the most exciting game he ever witnessed.

        The team needs something – if only an interim which, come to think of it – is what Helton was. How Haden ever thought this was going to work is incredibly stupid or just plain indifference on his part. Well said about the 0 – 5 – shame Ed Orgeron didn’t know then what he knows and shows now – lights out an incredible turn around by him.

        Whatever it takes to get Helton gone is all truly ALL that matters by January 2019.


    2. Rusoviet – yes, indeed that was a special team. A friend of mine is a good friend of Gary Beban, who was quoted as saying that the ’67 Trojan team could have competed in the NFL. That team really had McKay’s imprint. And right on re: Ed O. Glad to see he is succeeding. Will the administration make any significant changes before a new head of the university is in place?

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      1. I doubt it then again maybe Swann is nothing but the same as Tony Reagins was for the LAA – way beyond his skill set and a ‘committee’ emerged to make trade decisions. Power loves a vacuum – boom Scoscia began making moves which then imploded when Moreno decided to sign – CJ Wilson, Josh Hamilton and the worst of all Pujols.

        USC needs a clean sweep – a skilled athletic director as well as a former head coach and not some poor clown whose never been a head coach at any level anywhere.


      2. I was in school in 67 and knew many guys on the 67 team. Rossovich was a fraternity brother and Battle was always hanging around. UCLA still hasn’t recovered from tha tloss. Two OJ touchdowns and Hayhoe blocking a field goal. One loss in the rain at OSU. McKay is rolling over in his grave at the state of USC football. While a nice man, Helton is a an embarrassment for all concerned.

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  3. Unlike some not-so-smart ones and SUCLA devotees camouflaged as SC fans, I do not believe for a moment swapping one or two assistants will make any tangible difference for the team. The same anemic team will go through the motions as long as Helton’s HC.

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  4. That makes no logical sense. If a player and coach had to be separated, that means a coach was taking the player to task in a demonstrative way! Man, you gotta think these arguments through a bit , Scottie. Consider the contrapositive.


  5. J.T. Daniels – Concussion Protocol ( Not sure if he’s definitely out )

    Matt Fink – Ribs ( Out )

    Looks like Jack Sears is going to get his shot at some point vs ASU


      1. Man Rosen was awful – 5 count em’ 5 turnovers under the putz from Bellfower. Loved that line about making the other 12 teams regret not picking him – he went out with his usual ‘injury’

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      2. O vay C. SUCC’er. When it comes to downright Pro QB succness, nobody trumps former bozo, Carson “the Bomber” Palmer. LOL.

        Rosen is a rookie with a OL not quite as lousy as the bozo OL.

        The Piglet reminds me of a Class A pitcher with a 120 mph fastball. Naturally, the parent team rushes him to the “Bigs” and he turns in three greats starts, after which he implodes and is released at the end of the year – The auld flash in the pan as it were.

        Hey Commie SUCC, the Angel’s have replaced Scoscia with a new, seductive Mgr. who was previously fired as the Detroit Mgr., after leading the Tigers to a brilliant, season-ending .365 winning PCT.

        Commie SUCC, does Haden have a consulting contract with Artie?


  6. Here is another sign of the times Ted’s poor offense calls for Fink 3 broken Ribs suddenly the guy everyone thought should be quarterback will be quarterback.


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