Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Clay Helton said Matt Fink broke three ribs vs. Utah. JT Daniels is in concussion protocol, which means Jack Sears is currently the only healthy QB on scholarship.

The question is when Daniels can return? He has happy feet and doesn’t like to get hit so it must get be good to give him a week off might be a go D idea. I doubt Helton, who is on a hotter seat than ever, would agree.

“Any failures that we have as a team, I always put on me. Always,” Helton said Sunday night.


21 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. Sears was the starter before they brought the flash in the pan kid. Maybe we should give the kid the rest of the season off.


  2. What a disaster of a season. Fire Helton now. Heck, I’d be willing to bring Kiffin back. Helton and his joke of a staff can’t do this.


  3. “Any failures that we have as a team, I always put on me. Always,”…

    OK, great! Then quit the job and leave the team immediately for the future of the program and to stop the pains of watching the substandard quality of football by the fans.

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    1. Why is there a hesitancy to fire this buffoon, Helton. Kiffin was fired in the early part of the season after the Arizona State game, and while he was still at the airport unloading his briefcase off the bus.

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  4. What the heck is that pink thing on Helton’s collar shown in the photo? I hope it is not breast cancer awareness or some stupid thing like that.

    SCooter, how did Fink break three ribs? You mentioned it but did not expand upon it.

    Martin is not worth his salary. When a qb runs better than our rb’s, that tells me Martin doesn’t know how to set up the run or the pass for a freshman qb. yes, Helton, we put the blame on you for not firing Martin or Callaway after last year’s debacle against ND and Ohio St.

    sometimes Pendergast can call a good game and other times he looks clueless. His defense did lose the Superbowl for the Cardinals. Yet, his defense looked good against Colorado. Too much inconsistency there.


    1. Time for that dude, and everyone else on the staff to go. Damn, UC Davis is 7-1 with Dan Hawkins these days. They even scored more points against Stanford than USC did.


    2. That ‘pink thang’ is exactly what you think it is – it’s Pat Haden and USC approved for solidarity with: MLB, NBA, NHL and the fruitiest of all those “…they had pink shoes and tan shoelaces a polka dot shirt and man oh man they had puink shoes and tan shoelaces and a big feather boa and a rainbow fan!”….approved by the NFL


  5. Helton may be a very lucky man. Sears, with his running ability and toughness, is better suited to run this team than the other two. I hope he gets a chance.


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