USC Morning Buzz: Is This What Clay Helton Means By “Physical Beats?”

There used to be a time when USC it prided itself on how it physically manhandled an opponent. It didn’t just win the game, it punished the other team.

But USC emerged from the Utah game with an injury list better suited to a JV team that just played the varsity.

Look at just some of the injuries suffered in the game:

Quarterback: Matt Fink (ribs), JT Daniels (concussion).

Running back: Aca’Cedric Ware (shoulder).

Defensive line: Malik Dorton (ankle), Christian Rector (shoulder).

Linebacker: John Houston (hand, ribs), Jordan Iosefa (shoulder).

Defensive back: Talanoa Hufanga (shoulder), Marvell Tell (wrist).

USC already had its pre-Utah injuries like linebacker Cameron Smith (hamstring), cornerback Olaijah Griffin (shoulder), cornerback Jonathan Lockett (hip), offensive lineman Clayton Bradley (back) and defensive lineman Brandon Pili (shoulder).

Does the strength and conditioning program merit review? Nah.


15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Is This What Clay Helton Means By “Physical Beats?”

  1. Agreed the strength coach needs to go or get better, but that is performance oriented. They pretty much run summer drills and have become huge parts of good programs.

    But concussions, broken ribs, and twisted ankles are bad luck not something you can train away.

    Still yes, our weightroom vs Utah weightroom was a terrible mismatch. We looked like children.


      1. Better yet, bozo u should go Independent. Why worry about weight room problems when SUCC could just schedule cupcakes and cream puff FB teams.


  2. In the old days, SC dominated and punished the opposing team. I loved seeing that. Now, we are lucky to see a first down within the first four series of offense in the first half.

    Helton might be wise to revisit the old films of the 70’s and watch what it meant to be a Trojan and how to dominate. he just might learn something and place what he learned on this team. Next losses: Ugly and Nd.


  3. Helton is not smart enough to review anything of the past because in his tormented mind there is no problem with his program. Instead of focusing on how crappy Helton/Hacket/Tollner is, the attention needs to be directed to Athletic Director (if that’s what you want to call him) Lynn Swann who is responsible for this train wreck of a season continuing. Swann needs to go – NOW !


  4. Pete Carroll’s teams said practice was harder than the games. We must get back to smash mouth ball. Can Helton and company do it? Get new strength and conditioning coaches then offensive and defensive coordinators.
    Not impressed with Helton this year.


  5. If only Pete’s teams wouldn’t have lost that one really bad game per year that they should have won (Stanford – 40 point dogs; UCLA – 13-9; Oregon State on Thursday Night), we might have won 4 or 5 titles… It’s much like his 2nd super bowl – so much potential! Still, great coach.


    1. Agree with your thesis; but, I disagree with your corollary.

      Great FB coaches do not lose games or the SB when on the opponents half yard line with 30 seconds to go…..Ex. the Ice Bowl: GB vs Dallas


  6. You are right Proud trojan! Clueless Clay doesnt think anything is wrong. There is NO WAY we should ever lose to Utah. Not with the recruiting USC has!!


  7. Don’t worry boys, 4 and 1 to wrap up the season, I’ve got my Holiday bowl tix booked! Can’t wait to play MSU in a big time bowl! Man we are super lucky to have a steady rock like Helton


  8. This is what Pattie OTrojan meant by it will take ten years to recover from the sanctions. The coaches (except Clancy) seem to be be in locked in sanctions mode. The soft practice to avoid injury is obvious. During the game the announcers talked about the rigorous practice that Utah endured and sounded like the Pete Carroll era practice. However the current coaching is afraid of aggressive competition in practice.


  9. It it it used to be that SC was a mess half the time, losing to Memphis and Fresno State “back in the day”… losing in spades to ucla and ND, many years in a row, underperforming against huge underdogs like Oregon State, Stanford, Cal…and suffering through Smith, Hackett, Kiffin, Sark, now Helton…

    I’m beginning to think the “legendary SC” is just that: a legend…a myth.


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