USC Cartoon Of The Day

I ran cartoons from Jim Thompson of on my other USC blog and I think this one nicely sums up the current mood.


8 thoughts on “USC Cartoon Of The Day

  1. Lot of wussy Trojan fans. Just sack up and support the team. I’m tired of this, “Woe is me! We’re not in the playoff! I’m gonna stay home on Saturday.” Stay home you weaklings. I’ll be there in Section 21 supporting my team.

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    1. Well lets it hear it for you and your truly ‘in-depth’ analysis and comprehension on the cluelessness of everyone else who think the current USC football coaching staff is a complete and total failure.

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  2. Where does this confidence in USC’s ability to pick the right coach come from? According to USC’s fans’ standards, USC has picked the right coach four times in its entire history. Four times out of how many tries? Somebody tell me. The odds say that if we make a move, it’ll be the wrong move. Are we really sure we’re so ready to make the wrong move again so soon?

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  3. The Helton expression is spot on. As for complaints about coaching Clay has taken responsibility for the poor level of play. Who else can we blame? I am relatively certain the players don’t say, ” Hey coach we’ve tried the run up the gut play several times without success, they’ll never suspect it on 4th and 11! “.
    I won’t go out on a limb and suggest a replacement, but whom ever we get, better have a successful record.


  4. Unlike someone in here with a weird brain, I don’t think it’ll be difficult to find a coach who’s much more capable than Helton. Why? Because he’s downright terrible. Would it be impossible to replace someone terrible with one that’s not? Someone tell me.

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  5. Proof that Clay Helton has been wasting talent for some time now

    Comparing Two-Deep Star Rankings and More USC Football News

    foxsportsJun 30, 2017 at 10:28p ET

    Alabama boast an impressive number of top recruits on the depth chart, but so do the Trojans. Plus USC football news from around the web.

    Article continues below …

    Powered By Minute

    Can’t get enough USC football and basketball news? We’ve got your morning dose of all the best content from around the web concerning the men of Troy.

    1st & 10:

    First Word… On Tuesday, Belly of the Beast, an SEC-centric blog, posted a breakdown of Alabama’s 2016 depth chart featuring no names, only star rankings.

    The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate just how the Crimson Tide roster is loaded with talent.

    After perusing the depth chart, there can be no question, Alabama is a physically talented football team.

    Of the 55 players on the two-deep, 42 of them were four or five-star recruits. That’s 76 percent.

    Impressively, 13 of those players are five-star talents, while 29 were four-stars.

    With that kind of representation, it is no wonder the Tide feature so prominently in any discussion of recruiting ranking average over any recent period of years.

    More precisely, the reason for the article’s existence was to show fans of teams not named Alabama just how “trash” their own depth chart is by comparison.

    For most squads, the message comes through loud and clear.

    But just how outmatched are Alabama’s season opener opponents, the USC Trojans?

    Here’s a look at USC’s two-deep with star ratings for reference:


    Max Browne ★★★★★

    Sam Darnold ★★★★

    Running Back

    Justin Davis ★★★★

    Ronald Jones ★★★★

    Wide Receiver 1

    JuJu Smith-Schuster ★★★★★

    De’Quan Hampton ★★★★

    Wide Receiver 2

    Darreus Rogers ★★★★

    Jalen Greene ★★★

    OR Michael Pittman ★★★★

    Wide Receiver 3

    Steven Mitchell ★★★★

    OR Deontay Burnett ★★★

    Trevon Sidney ★★★★

    OR Velus Jones ★★★

    Tight End

    Taylor McNamara ★★★★

    Tyler Petite ★★★★

    OR Daniel Imatorbhebhe ★★★

    Right Tackle

    Zach Banner ★★★★

    Chuma Edoga ★★★★★

    Right Guard

    Viane Talamaivao ★★★★

    Jordan Simmons ★★★★


    Toa Lobendahn ★★★★

    Nico Falah ★★★★

    Left Guard

    Chris Brown ★★★★

    OR Damien Mama ★★★★

    Roy Hemsley ★★★

    Left Tackle

    Chad Wheeler ★★★

    Chuma Edoga ★★★★★

    DefenseStrongside Linebacker

    Uchenna Nwosu ★★★

    Jabari Ruffin ★★★★

    Defensive Tackle

    Noah Jefferson ★★★★

    OR Rasheem Green ★★★★★

    Christian Rector ★★★

    Nose Tackle

    Stevie Tu’ikolovatu N/A

    Khaliel Rodgers ★★★★

    Defensive End

    Malik Dorton ★★★

    OR Rasheem Green ★★★★★

    Josh Fatu ★★★

    Outside Linebacker

    Porter Gustin ★★★★

    Don Hill ★★★

    OR Oluwole Betiku ★★★★★

    OR Connor Murphy ★★★★

    Middle Linebacker

    Cameron Smith ★★★★

    Olajuwon Tucker ★★★

    Weakside Linebacker

    Michael Hutchings ★★★★

    Osa Masina ★★★★

    OR Quinton Powell ★★★★

    Cornerback 1

    Iman Marshall ★★★★★

    Ajene Harris ★★

    OR Jack Jones ★★★★★

    Strong Safety

    Chris Hawkins ★★★★

    OR Leon McQuay ★★★★★

    Matt Lopes N/A

    Free Safety

    Marvell Tell ★★★★

    Ykili Ross ★★★★

    Cornerback 2

    Adoree’ Jackson ★★★★★

    Jonathan Lockett ★★★★

    OR Isaiah Langley ★★★★

    For those keeping score, that’s 55 players on USC’s two-deep, not including the kickers or the repeat appearances by Chuma Edoga and Rasheem Green. Of those, 39 were four or five-star recruits coming out of high school.

    In other words, 70 percent of USC’s two-deep were top-flight recruits.

    That’s incredibly close to Alabama’s percentage when you consider the fortunes of the two programs over the last five years.

    While the Tide outmatch USC on five-star recruits, it’s not by all that much. The Trojans boast nine five-stars to Alabama’s 13.

    In truth, USC’s recruiting averages have been among the best, despite the scholarship reductions and instability around the program.

    In the end, star rankings don’t mean that much. After all, Chad Wheeler is a three-year starter but only had three-stars when he arrived at USC. Meanwhile, Utah transfer Stevie Tu’ikolovatu didn’t draw any star rankings but still looks set to be a major cog in the Trojan defense.

    What these comparisons do tell us is that while the Tide have trophies to show for their loaded roster, the Trojans will field just as much potential. The key is getting that potential to produce.


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