USC Morning Buzz: Everyone Sees What Is Going On . . . Almost

Hey, that bye week recruiting is really producing results: Chris Steele decommits; Kris Hutson decommits. Now another top wide receiver looks like he might dump USC for Texas.

Good thing USC only practiced twice that week to focus on recruiting.

The scary thing is you and the recruits know the program is in free fall. Does Lynn Swann know? Does he care?

USC might be awful but it still might win the Pac-12 South. That is what Swann and Clay Helton are banking on.


11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Everyone Sees What Is Going On . . . Almost

    1. The point is on “How do you know what Swann is thinking?” is that he is completely INVISIBLE and puts forth the perception of being feckless and that he either is too clueless on what to do (gee, let’s hire an inexperienced AD with no skills, because as a former player, he “just ‘gets’ SC” – what could possibly go wrong? It worked out for USC so well by hiring Pat Haden, after all) and that’s the point, dunce.

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  1. I read that Lynn Swann was visibly angry about the Bubba Bolton mess. He didn’t know what was happening until too late. King Helton likely decided to sweep that under the rug. I believe, and may be pollyanna, that Lynn Swann cares greatly. He has to find the right time and the right person. No more Haden follies. Right now, who could run the team if Helton was removed??? Anyone capable??? I know he isn’t. However, it’s better to stay with the devil you know. I think season end should bring the changes. Let’s face it the current coaching staff is made of losers who are in an on-the-job training position……….who would have thought SC would hire Ellis to train a 5 star. It’s like having a Ferari repaired at the local lawn mower shop.


      1. Clay Helton has proven he can win if he has the good players. This year’s team looks like high school kids playing 1A college level. Lynn Swann was a great player, but an unproven AD. Players win games and SC’s stock isn’t up to college level. They’re not even average. The McKay and Carroll teams are gone and, for who knows how long, so will decent USC Football.


      2. @Doug – Wow. You sure got the whole thing turned upside-down. Everyone who know CFB knows how important the HC and staff are at getting the best out of players (or not). Amazing that you would blame the players for this fiasco! Begone!

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  2. Just a Disaster Daily With Players Getting Hurt…Leaving the Team….Getting Thrown Off the Team And Now Decommitments…Mean While at LSU..Coach O is Thriving…S.C Decided between Him & Helton…Showing Coach O the Door……Next Decision???

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  3. Much as I hate to admit – love to see another 2 losses (AZ St. and cal) and then back-to-back to both bel-iar tech and ‘the princess’ so that we end up 5 – 7 …. no bowl and Helton goes to palookaville


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