Beware The Super Fan

This guy wanted Clay Helton fired in early 2016, wanted him to be national coach of the year in November of that year and now wants him fired again. You can get dizzy trying to follow his opinion.


13 thoughts on “Beware The Super Fan

  1. Helton has never passed the eye test as a coach (his teams aren’t disciplined and he is out-schemed game in and game out. not to mention he isn’t a great in game manager) I can’t explain his thought processes, but Cowherd, like the rest of us, was probably just trying to give Helton some credit for the team’s success. Helton is a nice guy and everyone pulls for nice guys.

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      1. Farts- you make some valid points. The team is soft, however, and, in football terms, a nice team is mediocre ( Saban isn’t nice, Belichik either, Meyer, Harbaugh.?dirt bags). I want a tough son of a gun. The cheerleaders can be nice.


    1. Wasn’t out-schemed at U-Dub year before last. Or in the Rose Bowl same season. Or beating Stanford twice last season. Don’t cherry-pick the man’s record.


      1. WAS out-schemed in 2016 against Alabama, Utah, Stanford…in 2017 against Wassu, ND, Ohio State…in 2018 against Stanford, Texas, Utah.

        Don’t cherry pick.

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  2. Well ‘brumbly’ I’d say your tastes skew towards ‘Pat Capper Haden’…panty raids on the Tri-delt house…waxing nostalgic at the ‘faux’ ‘901 Club’ on Figueroa…..look at how Cowherd is dressed – like some ‘white-bread frat boy from West 28th’.

    Papadakis” loathes, Kobe…mocks ‘Labron James’….let Haden have it as well as PC when he left for SEA, leaving the school to dig out of the mess a la John Robinson, mocks his boorish father who fully deserves mocking…plays David Vasse ‘voiceover’ play repteaedly “….you feeling all right? You’re sweating like a pig.” Petros “Shut up!” Cowherd looks and sounds like white version of Erkel


  3. Cowhered and Rome are great interviewers. However, Petros, for the buck is the best at interviewing. He has knowledge of USC, he is honest on what he sees and perceives to being right or wrong at SC. His analytical skills of football are spot on. Get rid of Matt Smith. He sucks not only on the radio but as the Charger announcer. Smith rides the coattails of Petros.

    Petros deserves someone better than Smith. The radio station needs to get someone as good if not better than Petros. Then that station would really take off.

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    1. I used to think you were right per Smith but actually, he is a good ‘foil’ to Petros i.e. a ‘straight’ man to Petros ‘crazy’ man. I also don’t think you’re listening to Smith per the Charger radio broadcasts. He’s knowledgeable and is focused in a serious manner as is Petros, mostly, when he does color or co-announces a Big-10, Pac-12 or Mtn. West game Smith is a really good lead announcer for the LAC something I doubt many believed prior to his snagging the gig 2+ years ago.

      Cowherd is knowledgeable ‘but’ he has no one throwing back anything at him regardless of his denying he said something one day and the opposite a week later. Alos Cowherd is addicted to the NBA as are nearly all the LA sports stations – yuk.


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