Morning Buzz: This USC View Is Not Aging Well

Remember back in February when USC athletic director Lynn Swann said this in an interview:

“I felt this incoming class of recruits needed to know Clay was going to be there until they graduated and be able to build this program gives them the kind of reassurance they look for. They made a commitment to come here to USC. We made a commitment to them. And the head coach is going to be here.”

Well, St. John Bosco recruits Chris Steele and Kris Hutson decommitted in the past week, so does it really matter to them if Clay Helton sticks around?

It actually might because they might be turned off by the current coaching staff, which is not developing players.

The point is if Swann really wants to use recruiting as a reason to keep a coach. Maybe he should use it as a reason to fire one too.

His quote looks pretty foolish today. Maybe that is why he keeps a fairly low profile.


12 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: This USC View Is Not Aging Well

  1. Sure, we might lose a few guys who are directly connected with Helton if he leaves. But he couldn’t even develop most of the guys he recruited, so what? SC always has and will recruit well, and a good coach will develop them much better, so this idiotic concept of losing high profile recruits without Helton is pure BS.

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  2. I get the stability that Swann is talking about, but to be honest if a coaching change is made most kids know they are playing for the school and not a coach.


  3. SC4LIFE,

    He is the dude that collects $2.3 million for not doing a thing. It must be a nice gig if you can get it.

    The football team is like a ship without a rudder. There is no leadership and no guidance on where the team will go from here. Swann if afraid to speak. he should not be. As a donor, I want to know where my money is going in terms of how the team will be. Right now, I am not getting a return. I feel like I am a father that has to keep pumping money into the situation that will never get straightened out.


  4. After Kiffin, Sark, and Helton, I get the feeling that maybe the university isn’t willing to prioritize football and the necessary investments that will create a program that competes with the best. West coast universities have changed in the last 10 years – football is no longer as much of a presence. There currently are no programs west of Texas-Oklahoma that are consistently competitive against top 15 teams. Will the new president choose to have a top program?

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    1. The morons hired those 3 losers after all kinds of warnings … make the right hire once and you will have a program to be proud of


  5. Pat Haden is still skulking around campus, thinking that he is all that important to the program. Max Nikias is still living in the President’s mansion in San Marino, so what does that tell you about USC forcing its scandalized President out ? Interim President, Wanda Austin, isn’t going to do anything about the head coach position because she knows less than nothing about football, and the members of the Board of Trustees are not going to give her the go ahead to fire Helton right now. Dumpster fire is accurate.


    1. Haden is ‘skulking around campus’? Really Is that true? If so what a lack of any remorse on that elitist putz Haden…. “I re-imbursed the foundation….what’s that? Did I pay back my daughter’s and sister-in-law’s salaries as well? Well uhhh I did what I knew best…hey my staff will direct you down the drive to the gate….I don’t feel too good…’ve made my condition far worse with your inferences.”


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