Less Is More?

Did it make sense for USC to not have a full team scrimmage period at the end of Tuesday practice when Jack Sears needs as many reps as possible?

The answer is yes when you intend to play JT Daniels even if he does not practice until late in the week.


12 thoughts on “Less Is More?

  1. The players are not getting good coaching. Weak, ineffectual, feel good leadership is doing a disservice to the players who want to compete with the best. That is what is the most disheartening characteristic of the current football mess.


  2. Scott – if you ever were allowed into practice, maybe you would know that there is never a full team scrimmage at the end of any Tuesday practice. The team actually does 6 periods of team work throughout the Tuesday practice, including the first two of the day, and ends with a team period focusing on the opponent’s defensive tendencies. But I wouldn’t expect you to know that or understand that since you’re not allowed into practice, nor do you know anything about preparing a team.


    1. Shocking Gomer even schedules practice … and we all thought Sark was the laziest coach ever!
      Gomer and his band of idiots just need to go away. By some foolish decision they were able to play big time coaches but the gig is up and reality has set in. Get lost, finally. Go run that hospice or ice cream shop you have always dreamed of Gomer.


  3. Here is a list of top 10 former Southern Cal coaches in order of their greatness.
    1. John Mckay
    2. Pete Carroll
    3. John Robinson (for the first stint)
    5. Lane Kiffin
    6. Larry Smith
    7. Steve Sarkisian
    8. Paul Hackett
    9. Ted Tollner
    10.Howard Jones

    Stop talking crap about Helton…. He is one of your greatest coaches ever!!


    1. Here it is ( modern era )
      1. McKay
      2. Pete
      3. Robo 1
      4. Smith ( thanks Rodney )
      5. Robo 2
      6. Tollner

      9. Helton ( thanks Sam )
      10. Kiffin and Sark


    2. Thanks for your input Bucket. I think Howard Jones should be up with McKay and Carroll. Can you give us a tops down on UCLA coaches starting with NC first? Thanks.


    3. Ted,

      You don’t know your SC football history at all. But what do you expect from a ruin who’s team has no history at all. Teddy, Howard Jones won at least two national championships. That puts him up there with Mckay and Carroll. Why do you think SC has a name called the Thundering Herd? That came from Jones’ era.


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