USC Morning Buzz: Jack Sears, Meet Aaron Corp

Remember 2009?

Matt Barkley was the Boy Wonder from Mater Dei and injured his shoulder against Ohio State. So Pete Carroll went through the week and did not name a starter even though Barkley did not practice.

Barkley was literally bouncing passes in pre-game warmups at Husky Stadium before Carroll turned to backup Aaron Corp. Not surprisingly, the Trojans lost, 16-13, after the coaches showed such little faith in Corp during his first start.

Well, flash forward to 2018. JT Daniels, the Boy Wonder from Mater Dei suffered a concussion against Utah. So here is what Clay Helton said after practice Wednesday:

“If we get to Friday and it’s not happening, then I’ll go ahead and say Jack (Sears) is going to be the starter.”

Friday? There are two conclusions to draw: 1.) The coaches already intend to start Daniels with virtually no practice. 2.) They do not want to start Sears.

What a horrible way to not instill confidence in Sears, who is going through his first week as the starter in practice after nearly two months with the scout team.

I feel sorry for the guy because the message is that Helton and Co. really want Daniels to be the starter Saturday.


17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Jack Sears, Meet Aaron Corp

  1. While the situations might look similar, I think there’s a big difference between Carroll and Helton in them. I’m sure Carroll did indeed have no real confidence in Corp’s abilities, but Helton must be more desperate and clueless on what to do since this is something he hasn’t dealt with before, like so many other things. And I think he knows it, too. He’s been looking lately like someone who knows that his days are numbered on the job.

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  2. I feel bad for Jack Sears too!! First his family business goes bankrupt and Helton does not have confidence in him…. Maybe it’s because Mrs. Helton recently bought a Kenmore refrigerator and will not have the warranty honored because of Sears.

    Maybe Helton should’ve signed a Kmart heir to play QB??!!


    1. Can’t stay away can you Bucket? The Sears comment really isn’t very funny. Talk about fun – let’s discuss ucla football. 2-6 after this weekend. Now that is funny.

      PS – will the Queen take a stab at 2020?

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      1. Gee whiz Missing Link points out the obvious. But per usual, Mr. Link, a half-baked SUCC rah-rah fails to point out:

        Succ, on the way to the CFB playoffs, fails to score a TD in an ugly 17 – 3 loss at Sanford. Yet, Succ sunshine pumpers still claim the bozos are the most talented team in the Pac-12.

        That same TALENTED bozo team then allows 34 unanswered points during an ugly loss to Utah; a Utah FB team that mugged Stanford at Palo Alto.

        Now, Missing Link, I’ll grant you UCLA is actually 2-5, but UCLA has scored a TD in every game and as far as I know, hasn’t allowed 34 unanswered points in any 2018 win or loss.

        Lastly ML, UCLA didn’t expect to compete (Unlike SUCC) for a berth in the CFB playoffs. Most UCLA fans are happy CK and Bruins are showing up for games with a chance to win; our future looks great.

        SUCC, on the other hand, continue to earn their special moniker: “Clown U.”


  3. Teddy,

    How about them ruins? Are you ready for another slaughter from Utah? That will make your ruins 2-6. One more loss after the Utah game and your stinkin’ no good bum ruins are sitting on the curb asking for change. Your ruins suck and knowing how devout to your ruins, I am sure you do as well.


    1. I’d tread lightly around the Bruin trolls. Since the second half of the UW game, UCLA has outscored opponents 85-44. They survived a strong comeback against Arizona. Do you believe that the Gomer-led Trojans would have survived a 23 point second half onslaught? No, you don’t.

      UCLA is going to beat USC this year. That will not only be the season highlight for Bruin fans, it will tip local recruiting in favor of UCLA. USC recruits are already jumping the sinking ship Helton, and it’s only October.


      1. Yes, but we may need to lose big against Notre Dame and SUCLA Gutties this season to finally get rid of Gomer for good.


      2. Truth is UCLA football is never in contention for anything ever, not sure why they troll this blog. It’s funny, they literally have nothing now nor have they ever had anything to brag about. UCLA football is the same as Kansas football or Rutgers or Idaho.


  4. The only reason USC is 4-3, instead of 1-6, is Daniels ability to throw a deep ball. Without JTD chucking up bombs, USC loses to WSU, Colorado and Arizona. Utah exposed USC when they went to a zone and Cover 3. USC can’t run, and they have no sustained intermediate passing game.

    Sears isn’t a chucker, and his game is running the ball and a read option intermediate passing game, the exact game plan that Wonderlic and Gomer cannot prepare. So yeah, if Sears starts, USC loses. That’s 4-4 with loses to UCLA and Norte Dame coming up and more recruits bailing on Gomer. So Helton’s job rests on JTD being able to play.


  5. “If we get to Friday…then I’ll go ahead and say Jack (Sears) is going to be the starter.”

    Coach Clay Helton, USC Head Football

    Something is missing here? Maybe it is honesty.


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