Chris Steele Gets It

There was a tweet (since deleted) on the USC Rivals where cornerback Chris Steele said he decommitted because players do not develop at USC. Steele said his goal is to play in the NFL and he needs to take his game to the next level and it will not happen if he does not develop.

So a recruit finally discovered USC is not developing players? It’s about time.


7 thoughts on “Chris Steele Gets It

  1. Another nail added. This was hammered with a sledge hammer though. You could hear that 100 miles away. If other recruits think this, then this will definitely get Swann’s attention. Recruits mean money to the program. If you only get three star recruits, people will not want to see the Trojans play at the Coli.


  2. Note the ad running tio re-electe Muratsuchi and who is leading the ad? Why one of those hard working over paid worthless ‘fireman’ all dolled up in his yellow tarpaulin ‘Boston’ trawler get-up. LAFD truly the most corrupt, nepotistic and racist union in the western usa


  3. Steele? What does he know?? He’ll be making carne asada fries at Chano’s in couple of years!!

    Helton develops NFL players every year!! Darnold, Kessler… list goes on and on.

    I’d say sign Helton to a life time contract!


  4. Daniels has not lived up to the hype. Quarterbacks should know-how to get around the charging defense. He is a deer in the headlights. I don’t blame him though, if I was getting slammed to the ground every other play I’d be afraid too. Keep him out until the coach is gone.

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  5. Steve Weller,

    That is why I like seeing Fink in the Utah game. He knew when to tuck the ball and run. Daniels is a pocket qb. He will get slammed if he doesn’t run


    1. Daniels is , like many form the OC, coddled and cradled lest ‘reality’ light up their ‘entitlement’ back end…wasn’t his daddy poo going to move where ‘jonnie white bread’ went 24/7 lest any ‘untoward’ moment impact ‘dannie boy’s’ back end?

      Hey ‘danny boy’ wonder what happens ‘if’ Sears beats AZ St. and then does the same to Cal….what happens to your ‘entitlement – OC County’ back end? Esp. if Heltonska knows his clueless back end is headed for the land of ‘bel-air tech’


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