JT Daniels Is 50-50 To Play Saturday Per Clay Helton

JT Daniels has still not been cleared following his concussion and is 50-50 to play at best, USC coach Clay Helton said.

“If doctors walk in tomorrow and say, ‘Coach, it doesn’t look good,’ then it doesn’t look good and we’ll move on to the next week and see where he’s at,” Helton said.


8 thoughts on “JT Daniels Is 50-50 To Play Saturday Per Clay Helton

    1. If Daniels has not been cleared to play by late Thursday, then give the kid some more time to heal. If Daniels is somehow miraculously cleared to play tomorrow, let’s see if Helton puts him in with the hope of saving Helton’s job.

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    1. It matters not – a true ‘sea change’ is suddenly confronting the: starters, staff, 2nd stringers, fans, announcers/analysts – suddenly USC is ‘in the news’ because someone decided it matters WHO coaches USC.

      i.e..that poor pile of ‘wooden-dawg-exhaust’ ‘Helton’ is gone


  1. Teddy,

    Don’t be concerned about Helton. Be concerned on who the next coach will be. If he is another Carroll or McKay, life as a panhandling bum commie will be worse for u as a ruin


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