If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

My column today touches on what it will take to shake Lynn Swann out of his state of oblivion the past 12 months.

You can read it for free here at USC247.com.


6 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. SCooter,

    I’m going tomorrow. U better have my eggs and sausage ready along with my Bloody Mary.

    Helton needs to know when to hold back players from playing immediately after an injury. Hamstrings are very tough to heal and they take time. Having experienced this problem, it took months to fully heal. SCooter, don’t worry, u don’t have to worry about this. Pencil neck geeks don’t pull anything


  2. Swann is the $2.3 million dollar invisible man. He collects his check and disappears. The SC BOT’s will not act upon the present condition of SC football. All they care about is hob nobbing with the prominent and rich alumni at the parties and tailgates. No one has a care for SC football else u would hear from them

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  3. Scottie may be correct about Swann. But since Swann keeps a very low profile, as compared to Haden, who demanded that he be the face of the football program, we really don’t know what’s going on.

    I am not saying my take is correct, but only to play devil advocate:

    Swann is maintaining a low profile on purpose, in order to remove the stench of Pat Haden from the program.

    Pat Haden demanded that he be the face of the program. He never shut up, talking to Plashcke and whoever at the drop of the hat. Comments like “winning the right way,” and “We want to be like Norte Dame” didn’t sit well with boosters and fans. Telling Plaschke that he supports Lane Kiffin “100%” before firing him three months later. Firing Lane Kiffin at the airport, and, even if Lane “deserved it”, it changed the narrative from “Failed head coach fired”, to “AD humiliates Head Coach at Airport.” Claiming a nationwide coaching search and a “home run hire” while assistant AD Mark Jackson was quoted, by this very reporter, as saying “We have zeroed in on Steve Sarkisian” only weeks after Kiffin was fired, prompting Haden to make a public denial, which turned out to be a lie. Then hiring Sarkisian while humiliating Orgeron, who singlehandedly save the season and gave the program hope. The demanding to review game plans. Arguing with a referee on the field. Screwing up the Josh Shaw affair. Downplaying Sark’s drunk performance at The Salute to Troy, then firing him for drunkenness five weeks later. Then not making any public appearances for two months while settling for Clay Helton as a coach. Then for his pièce de résistance, charity fraud!

    Do we really need another public, vocal and media-thirsty athletic director? One who micro-manages the program while consistently humiliating head coaches.

    I hope that Swann understands that the Kiffin firing and the Sarkisian affair soured elite coaches from USC. No one wants a former player and insecure, know-it-all egotist looking over the shoulder of the program. No one what to coach for a school where the AD is a loose cannon and is willing to humiliate you if it keeps the heat off of him.

    And Swanny, just because his resume, is going to give some folks pause. Pat Haden, a former player, micro-managed the program, and he didn’t even play at that high of a level, either in college (shared duties with Mike Rae) or the NFL (journeyman back-up QB). Lynn Swann was a first-team All-American who played in the NFL at an elite level with the dominant team of the 1970’s and was voted into the HOF. If a pompous, bloviating Rhodes Scholar who wasn’t a particularly great football player like Pat Haden believes his entitled to “final cut” over all facets of the football program, what does Lynn Swann, a great, elite performing NFL Hall-of-Famer who played his entire career with one of the greatest NFL franchises, believe he is entitled to?

    So perhaps he keeps a low profile because he has to. To signal to potential coaches that he will leave you alone. Clay Helton may be a bad coach. But he is not an immature legatee or a drunkard. He has done just about everything the University has asked him to do. He doesn’t deserve to be tarmacked, or humiliated. Let him coach out the season then shake his hand, thank him for the effort, and let him leave with some dignity.

    I could be wrong about all of this. But it should be said that there might be other reasons for Swann’s “low profile.”

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  4. Independent George,

    Very good analysis. My bet is his hands are tied due to the money situation, lack of a president, apathy towards football, and the $235 law suit. There will be no change until all of the items mentioned have passed


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