Discuss The USC-ASU Game

USC fell behind 24-7 and the defense looked soft.

But Jack Sears got comfortable and the Trojans are mounting a comeback.


UPDATED: USC cannot tackle or get less than yard on fourth-and-1.

Clay Helton can’t manage his timeouts. I’m not even sure he can evaluate quarterbacks because Sears looked pretty good in his first college start.

Remember, Arizona State scored 13 points vs. Stanford; 21 vs. Colorado and 20 vs. Washington.

That is for the pro-Clancy Pendergast crowd.


44 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-ASU Game

      1. Uh, oh…This has to be really bad news for the genuine SUCLA nut like JustOwnska, a.k.a., Hat Boy Manny and Lamont Raymond. We might actually see Helton go now. lol.

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      2. This sc team is resilient! They never quit, Clay just can’t get a break with injuries and bad reffing.
        It seems like all the breaks go the other way. Next year when Daniels is a sophomore sc will be competing for the playoffs. Clay won a rosebowl for crying out loud! Give the guy a break.


    1. I believe a number of us did as well and it HAPPENED!

      This is when all should wish TJ Simers was still around to verbally rip Helton a new one – this week last week….after the TX loss, the OH St. beat down….’the princess’ debacle last October and the AL thumping in 2017…..

      Wonder what the ‘overs and unders’ are on Tee Martin consuming that whole leg of lamb and washing it down with a keg of Colt 45?


  1. Kudos to Jack Sears. He did everything anybody could realistically ask of him, including running for his life. But giving up 38 points to ASU? Time to clean house. And hire a coach with a resume that demonstrates success.

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  2. Damn, I’m 2- 1 so far this weekend. Dodgers win in 18; the bozo’s lose to ASU 38 – 35 at the CM; and, the Bruins lose 41 – 10 to a very good Utah team.

    New bozo fight song: “You ain’t going nowhere.”


  3. It’s time to play the scout team line. 90% of this loss is on the Oline. We used to have a powerhouse but football has changed theuse of power. We are the abandoned building with its lights out. We were sadder than a one car funeral. I want to know what warriors Helton is referring to each week did they ever win a battle?

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    1. does helton have a clause in his contract that reduces the payout if he loses a certain number of games in a season. that might be a reason to let helton just lose 2 more games this season, so they can fire him at the end with less of a payout. i’m pretty sure the search for a new head coach is well underway.

      helton put his friendships with coaches like Calloway and Tee before the best interests of the program. if helton had fired calloway and hired a great line coach, the whole year might have gone better. hiring a rookie QB coach was also a huge mistake.

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  4. can we just end the nightmare? why wait for the season to end? just fire helton and let pendergast try to make an effort going into the end of the season. i feel bad for the players, many of whom are really talented. pittman is giving his all out there. they should stick with sears for the rest of the season because the lack of mobility in daniels does not work with this offensive line.


  5. We need an offensive minded coach .. Del Rio is a great defensive coach but has always had bad offensives.. Plus the last 3 USC ties… Kiffin… Sark and Helton are a mess …The last no USC coach hired with no ties did a pretty good job in Pete Carroll … We need to think out side the box …


    1. BH,

      I understand that u ant a competent offense. McKay and Robinson were offensive coaches while Pete Carroll was a defensive coach. What I want is a discipline coach that can think on their feet, make decisions knowing how to counter act either the opposing offense or defense and make the kids accountable. U can always hire the assistant coaches that u need.


  6. I was listening to the post game show wanting to hear the out cry from the Trojan fans on how bad Helton is, and then the f##king pregame show came on. Who in the he%% allowed that crap on. They should have gone to the Disney channel. Those f@@king bas&&rds who run the radio program. May they stay in purgatory for an extra 10 seconds.


  7. Sears played like he knew the plays and played excellent. I’m proud of him. He played very well even though he has a ball n chain around his ankle called tee Martin


  8. From the looks of it, it is Martin that makes Fink and Sears look bad. Both Fink and Sears look good. It is Daniels who looks bad. The offensive coaches cant evaluate a ice cream let alone players


  9. Our defensive play today (and last week) was truly inconsistent (I swear if I see any more arm-tackling, I am going to wretch), and we do not run the ball enough to try and control the clock. We learned Sears is good, but our offensive strategy, to pass first, often leads to 3rd and longs which we do not convert, and ends up keeping the defense on the field too long. Our coaching staff needs to realize a running game is not optional – and we already have the talent to do it. When we deliberately handed the ball off to a running back today, we had 23 carries and 139 yards (6.0 yards a carry). But the current coaching strategy puts the game completely on the shoulders of the QB to win it (even with Sears in his first college game, in the hopes he will come up to speed fast enough to rescue a bankrupt offensive game plan). Note to Helton: Sam Darnold is not on the roster to rescue you this year…


  10. Pi##ed off on not kicking the field goal and then calling time out to run a 4th down play. The incompetency and lack of management. They should have known at the beginning of the game on what they would do on a 4th down situation. You committed to one thing and then u waste a timeout to change ur mind. What in heavens sake are they thinking of? Just ridiculous.

    Then to top it off, they made the right decision with wanting to kick the field goal and then lost the game when they went for it. If u make the field goal, then it is 31-31 allowing the Trojans another chance to win. This also builds confidence for the above knowing they tied the game.

    Who in h#ll called those two 4th down plays? The Qi should have been under center and the backfield have a fullback and a tailback. If u look at the review, on centers right shoulder, there was no one in the gap. If the able sees that and keeps the ball, sc gets a first down. But no, bozo Ma#tin calls to take it outside ending up short. That play lost the game. U don’t call time out to change ur mind,that is a momentum killer and allows their defense to set up. U committed to the field goal with the thinking of tying the score, then do it. U live to live another play. They scored after the screw up but so did sc. game should have ended in a tie and then play overtime.

    Coaches are indecisive and have no leadership skills. Horrible


  11. You watch Tom Herman (TX head coach) going bonkers final 20 seconds of their loss to OK St. tonight in Stillwater? Afterward, he looked smiles and hugs but man what a complete jerk he truly is —-


  12. We need to clean house and really hire the right Head Coach who will hire the right staff to develop this talent …. Swann needs to step up and make a statement and make a bold move now while we can still salvage a good recruiting class…


  13. Hi, I was watching the game on espn2, where they started the broadcast “in progress” and the score was 7-0 Trojans. Unfortunately, the commentators never acknowledged that there were new viewers joining the broadcast so we didn’t hear an explanation of how the first touchdown was scored. There were no replays of that score, so I have no idea of what happened at the beginning of the game. As a Trojan, it’d be nice to hear if the team did anything right in the game?


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