Morning Buzz: My USC-ASU Prediction

Who do I like today?

You can find my game prediction right here.


19 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: My USC-ASU Prediction

  1. I think this game is 50-50 not knowing how Sears will perform. But even winning it may not really matter because I know Mr. Gomer will show us some ugly losses pretty soon.


  2. ASU has had a few loses but they have been in every game. USC has a few loses and they have been blown out of the water. We need to get it together and finish off the Sun Devils. I can’t take another press conference with Big Perm preaching. At least Helton is a man of few words since he is coaching for his Job.


  3. This video clip is making the rounds through social media and it highlights the level of incompetence that is surrounding USC football.

    There’s absolutely no excuse to keep someone like this on a coaching staff.


      1. I didn’t think it possible but he out Gomers Gomer. “Uhh I think we got bedder” “Well you win some baddles and uhhh you lose some daddles-you know” “Well golly we had a few bad snaps but you gotta get comfortable”


    1. Just another of Clay’s drinking buddies from Bowling Green-KY….man this entire staff reminds one of Jimmy Buss bragging how he and that bartender fr9end of his could pick a starting five for the Lakers by claiming it isn’t that hard.

      My gosh this guy is a ridiculous and this IS the USC coaching staff today under goofball good ole’ boy Claytonska Chevrolet


  4. I’m shocked to hear Calloway talk the way he did. He wanted to avoid this press conference badly.
    As an online coach he should have said that he wants to win every play and the play of the online is not acceptable and that is on me and the players.

    I’m changing my score, I had SC 28-26. But with this I say asu 35, SC 21. Go asu. I’m saying this so as to hope that Martin, Calloway, and Bradford are tired the second after the last game of the season. I want is best for usc football and what we have is dog manure


    1. Arizona State will be shut down by SC defence at home and sealevel. Sears will surprise because he will keep AZ’s D honest. I will be a low score scoring game so SC has to use 2 tight ends to block.


  5. So I emailed Lynn Swann a link to the Callaway interview. Not that Lynn Swann isn’t aware of how clueless this Neil Callaway is, Swann sees him at practice.

    How in the hell does Lynn Swann justify having that guy on the staff? Forget what Helton thinks or wants, Callaway has nothing to offer the Trojan players in terms of being able to develop their talent. Callaway’s only motivation for even being on staff is to collect a paycheck, he has no interest in actually coaching.

    Lynn Swann apparently thinks this Neil Callaway is doing a fine job, we’ll see what others have to say.


    1. I can’t recall a person who appears to have less enthusiasm, interest, and commitment to their profession. This interview is a complete embarrassment.


  6. I think we’ve found our new President of USC….Claytonska! He’ll bring the ‘glory’ back into what was ‘Glorious’ about USC…..can’t wait for his reception 2 weeks from today at homecoming….should bring back the same that greeted Hackett back in 2000 when he lost to Cal….hmmm maybe another re-enactment of that stellar loss as USC again will face Cal….what say thee Heltonska? Art thou inept enough to confirm to all how truly lousy you are? You make us all long for the days of Kiffin rather than those of Smith and Tollner….a loss to Cal ….. the possibilities are endless….


  7. Horrible game management. 4th and one u call a time out after u decide to kick a field goal. U should have that decision made up st the beginning of the game


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