Pick The USC-ASU Score

With an early kickoff, time to pick a score for the USC-Arizona State game.

Does Jack Sears starting change your prediction?

Does USC’s 19-game winning streak at the Coliseum make a difference?

These USC games are never easy to pick, unless the Trojans are road underdogs, of course.


11 thoughts on “Pick The USC-ASU Score

  1. USC is down 7 – 20 at the half….Helton walks into the locker room and is told he’s out as head coach….Clancy Prendergast named as ‘interim coach’ ‘AND’ Rick Caruso as the same (interim AD)….Tee Martin told to leave immediately…Martin begins to scream about his ‘need’ for ‘his portion’ of the post-game ‘spread’ (regardless of outcome) that is now denied his giant back end….Pat Haden shows up, with LA Coliseum renovation plans in one hand and his EKG records in the other.

    He begins to berate everyone that he ‘…knows it all…’ only to have the ghost of Mike Rae descend and throw his (Haden’s) backend down to 41st and Vermont and everyone watches as Haden scurries in circles looking for a cell phone to come and pick his sorry plundering back end up outside ”The Toilers’ High School….”

    “….don’t you know who I am? I’m Pat Haden….I singlehandedly wrecked USC football by firing a coach I had nothing to do with….ignoring a replacement….hiring an alcoholic and compounding that move by giving one of the most desired jobs in all of college football to a clown-a$$ who had never been a head coach anywhere!”


  2. I’m ready for a new look on offense so let’s see it. This is an opportunity for JT to see the college game from a different perspective for the first time and I hope he takes it as a learning opportunity. There is wisdom in the pine and he’ll be okay getting a little hungry. On the other hand, it’s a great day to be Jack Sears.


    1. I can assure you Daniels was born hungry now as to humility will that is something he’d be better served to learn because I doubt he even knows what it means and that flows directly back to his daddy-o


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