Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Clay Helton is nothing if not predictable.

He said Sunday night that JT Daniels will meet with doctors on Tuesday and if cleared he will start Saturday against Oregon State.

Typical Helton. Jack Sears has an impressive opening performance and Helton wants to immediately return him to the bench.

Why rob your team of a surprising mid-season spark?

Because it is always the star system that gets rewarded.

It is moments like these when I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Helton’s struggles.

Helton on Sears’ debut: “It reminds you of why we signed the kid. He has a very talented arm with mobility.”

Helton on making significant changes after losing two straight:  “When we get done with these last four games, I’ll evaluate everything and see what we need to do. Right now, I’m more focused on trying to beat Oregon State.”

I can think of one significant change. But Helton is not the one who needs to make it. Lynn Swann is.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

    1. soviet, we get it. You think he’s fat. Guaranteed that fat guy would trounce you in any athletic endeavor you wanted to try him in.

      On a different note, You might be a better offensive coordinator though.


      1. Hey sailor welcome your animus so why not hang a little longer and fire at all the rest who think the same. Yeah he is fat and that’s what kid’s see – a coach – over the Summer packing on 30 – 40 lbs. of blubber and to compound the appraisal he’s a bust as an OC – that work a bit better for you?


      2. Stephen,
        That makes sense. Tee would trounce Scott in everything as well. That’s not really saying much.


      3. The evidence is in the time stamps. Have you ever noticed when we post that the time shown is way off from our actual post time? Only the gatekeeper would have actual post time. RUSoviet has exhibited such knowledge. “Boyo” and “Sailor” indicate Wolf angst jargon, in addition. I’ve also noticed a healthy drinking habit when RUSoviet’s writings run a muck lol. At least I hope it’s alcohol….


  1. Don’t worry about the buyout after Gomer , Tbone, and that swine Baxter are canned.SC will save thousands on the chow line. These clowns are beyond lazy.


  2. And lest we forget Clancy Pendergast…. 79 points in the last two games…defense gives up 1000 yds…this guy survived the Kiffin killing at LAX even after his defense allowed over 60 points to ASU that night….and the nothing-special teams? forget the punt return…WHY, would you aim the onside kick at N’Keel Harry? Was he the best option to fumble the football? Get used to it…I don’t want to hear about the fans quitting on the team, etc. Helton,, get paid big money…this isn’t JC Ball, Western Kentucky, Houston, etc…The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….

    Kim Helton’s Career Record: 7 Years, 24-53-1, .314 Win% (at major schools)
    Bowl Record: 1 Game, 0-1, .000 Win% (at major schools


  3. Not to worry -I admittedly have no respect for a coaching staff paid as much as USC has paid this one nor do I pretend to exhibit a ‘distance’ per the disaster that is USC’s fate since Pat Haden’s awful decisions have been felt by

    As to the back and forth between the two of you specific to my ‘smack’ – excessive? Yes, I am – guilty as charged as to alcohol projecting one’s own failings on others is full of risk.

    BTW I think you missed a ‘vowel’ in your last name ‘Stevie’ when you signed up.


    1. “Projectionist” should be your next pen name, or maybe “Liquid Courage.” There’s vowels in that, but not in mine…go ahead with your bad self…


      1. No lad you either don’t know how to spell your last name or can’t – anyway since you were the one who started this tag I’d say it is you who are the real ‘projectionist’ now go and ramp up your ‘bonne mots’ with more from West 28th


      2. There you go again with your Kabal frat hate speech lol….project away …..geez, let that go, please? It’s not that deep lol…even if it is, Scott, I understand some and am merely pulling a thorn from your paw….your 3 decades overcame that. The work you do is much appreciated by many…..even if they persecute you….I’m a big fan cuz who else brings it like you? …..Fight On for ole SC….


  4. When I hear Jack Del Rio as a potential candidate to succeed Gomer, I cringe. Let’s break with the Trojan Family connection theme. Was PC a Trojan? Robinson and McKay? Let’s give Dino Babers a look? Surely SC > Syracuse. Does he want to keep coaching in a basketball arena?


  5. Why is Helton evaluating still? he has seen the two qb’s at their best and worst. Sears wins out over daniels. If need be, let daniels transfer.


  6. Ole Scotty Wolf….. he should know about changes being made… Kinda like the one made by the daily news when they axed your behind?
    Then the change made when you weren’t even allowed out to practice anymore…
    Or given a media credential to cover the games….
    Then the change you made to your blog name to make it seem like you were still legitimate…
    Then the additional change to create a pay site (LOL, hardly anybody reads you for free…) and then naming the site so closely to the actual legitimate 24/7 site to make is seem like you are credible….

    So laughable… so many years as being the one beat writer who everyone inside of Heritage Hall laughed at, and now trying to keep his name relevant by being ultra-negative towards all things USC, yet still being laughed at for his imaginary sources….


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