Jack Sears Should Start

After what I saw yesterday, there is no question in my mind Jack Sears should start. He energized the team and his arm/running/toughness gave USC something it was missing.

Did he make mistakes? Yes. But he made his first start in two years and hadn’t even practiced with the offense most of this season.

USC has little to play for the rest of the season so there is no risk in playing Sears. He also deserves to start after his performance.

It makes so much sense, I fully expect Clay Helton to start JT Daniels against Oregon State.

If Sears doesn’t play the rest of the season, he should transfer.

Also, did you know two USC players were suspended for yesterday’s game?

16 thoughts on “Jack Sears Should Start

  1. Agree Sears should start. With that o-line, you absolutely need a QB who is mobile. Let Daniels heal from the concussion, and hopefully he will have qualified coaches teach him next season.

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    1. I also think Sears has shown enough to earn the starter job, and I already like the kid immensely. However, I still want the team to keep losing ugly if that’s what is necessary to get rid of Helton.

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  2. Yes, Sears should start. Like Darnold, and very much unlike JT, Sears is a multidimensional.QB and just what the team needs given the deplorable play of the O-line. He gives us the best chance to win.

    And yes again, he should transfer if put back on the shelf. With his multidimensional skill set and moxie, Sears is a very viable pro prospect and deserves an opportunity to develop and showcase his skills. Not sure he will ever get a fair shot at USC. Beware the JT mirage.


  3. Anyone who roots for USC to lose at anything commits cardinal sin…..who shall absolve you? Don’t ask the Catholics or Max or Al Cowlings or anyone else in power at ole SC previous because they’ll let crimes against humanity go for financial and name recognition gain….sad, really…hurts me, even as a bystander. I like to root for people, but not at the expenses they’ve created….I hope they find leaders that can resist temptation and lies and coverup and keep it real so the school can get back to full strength. Protecting and educating and growing can exist with due diligence and good shepards. And, yes, Coach Helton and staff have contributed to that to some degree by burying a worthy Trojan. I don’t think the staff has a professional eye for talent…the number of out of state transfers has also bothered me for some time. Jamel Cook( safety now at South Carolina), Carey Angeline (tight end at North Carolina State), EJ Price ( left tackle at Kentucky playing alot), even the young man Kenny Bigelow playing nose tackle at West Virginia getting his name called regular on tv Saturdays! These examples hurt USC’s abilities to attract the best talent nationwide in football, leaving the school beholden to the cycles of local great talent which affects their ability to remain at the top perennially.

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      1. When you utter coach’s pride speak and tell us the best players play bit, you lie to us. Right to our face. That’s 10 commandments stuff…You are a believer….what’s with that? Either you don’t know or can’t manage talent or you lie. Which is it? Who are you? What are you willing to do to hold on?


      2. When you covered up for an alcoholic with so many invested, what was that? You say it was not kicking a man when he was down. I call it a lie. In trying to be a man, you have sacrificed truth which defeats your purpose.


  4. Let Sears slang the ball. I think he did a good job with very little prep and no confidence from the coaching leading up to the ASU game. Give him a full week of prep with the 1st team and watch what he can do .

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  5. I am almost 80 and find technology very difficult. Why in the hell can’t you run all your 247 material without having to sign in? John Tumpak 818 343-9195


  6. Sears is better than Daniels. he threw two bombs that were right on the money for td’s. Unfortunately one was dropped. But he did not underthrow him. Play Sears. he is a lot smoother running the offense.

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  7. Don’t agree Jack should start. He didnt win. Arizona State is not as good a team that JT has faced. They should both play as there is nothing to lose now being 4-4.


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