Another View Of QB Controversy

My feelings on the QB derby are pretty well known.

But does it sound like the competition should be over when a USC website is saying this abut JT Daniels‘ Tuesday practice?

“This was arguably Daniels’ least impressive practice of spring ball and fall camp, as he just couldn’t seem to get anything going for any extended amount of time.”

15 thoughts on “Another View Of QB Controversy

  1. The reality is you need to have one quarterback. A decision needs to be made sooner than later as the team needs to gel around one person before Fresno State & Stanford. A decision will be made after Saturdays scrimmage as you can count on it.

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  2. Jesus dude…let up. JT is a solid QB and if you think any of those guys have a chance to play before him, you truly do not understand the QB position and should shut your pie hole.


    1. JT’s Mom,

      JT has not proven to be “The QB”. If he is superior to the competition, then his interception ratio should be much lower than what it is in practice. His weaknesses are: he throws off his back foot, does not read coverage as of last year, can’t hit the five yard flat or curl. What he can do is hit the 50 yard bomb. There is much improvement to be made before the first game of the season.


  3. Wolf there is no controversy other than what is going on in that little mind of yours. It is called a competition which you of course have never participated in athletically. Wearing soccer jerseys don’t count. Let see what develops after a game or two. Can’t wait for the season so we don’t have to read your hypothetical crap or your take on things from outside the practice field.

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  4. The following is an excerpt from a recent phone conversation between Helton and Pudly…

    Helton: “Pudly, I can’t start Sears because I’m afraid of JT’s dad.”

    Pudly: “You’re right, Clay.”

    Helton: I think the Western Kentucky offense will eventually work at SC.”

    Pudly: “You’re right, Clay.”

    Helton: “Do you know any beta male valets that will hoover me at all times?”

    Pudly: “You’re talking to him.”


  5. SW, I do agree with you that Jack Sears should start and this could or should eliminate Clay Helton as HC if he goes with JT; it is reminiscent of Sam and Max a few years ago. If Helton doesn’t go with the better QB, Sears, then he is putting his personal loyalty to individuals above his loyalty to the team and should be let go
    However, your petulant whining about the situation and personal vendetta against Daniels is unprofessional and uncalled for. Daniels is a 20 year- old student athlete and not a professional football player. Just because he is playing for your alma mater, doesn’t give you the right to belittle him. Shame on you, SW.


  6. Wait, what…J.T. Daniels has a year starting under his belt and he hasn’t even come close to winning the job outright in practice for the upcoming season?

    You clowns act like J.T. Daniels showed flashes of brilliance playing QB last season in a bunch of the games and he didn’t.

    J.T. Daniels went 5 – 6 on a team loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits and don’t go trying to blame Toa or any of the other Trojan players because the ball was in J.T. Daniels hand more than it was in anyone elses.

    Daniels stinks and so does Helton.

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