USC-Arizona State Report Card


Jack Sears was raw. He was also athletic, provided a spark and has a stronger arm than JT Daniels. So of course Daniels will start this week.
Again, do these guys exist? Vavae Malepeai had a 41-yard run but isn’t worthy to be on the field for fourth and 1? Something is amiss with Stephen Carr. He may be back in the doghouse.
Michael Pittman prevented an interception and caught a nice TD pass. Tyler Vaughns threw a TD pass but dropped a critical one that would have put the game away.
They were their usual selves. Give the two tight ends an F for their poor blocking on fourth and 1. But they get a great grade because Neil Callaway was fired.
I honestly have no idea what some of the interior linemen have done this season. They sure didn’t stop Eno Benjamin, who looked like an All-American.
They didn’t stop Benjamin either and like the defensive line never sacked Manny Wilkins.
Ajene Harris had to play safety but missed a lot of tackles. Iman Marshall had his usual pass interference. Talanoa Hufanga stood out and then broke his collarbone.
The momentum was with USC when N’keal Harry broke a 92-yard punt return for a TD. And I hear John Baxter blamed Greg Budrovich for the punt. Amazing. It overshadowed Tyler Vaughns punt return for a TD.
I still don’t know why Clancy Pendergast gets a free pass from so many USC fans. Did USC practice any drills to prepare for a spinning tailback? Why didn’t USC have a linebacker or safety assigned to the quarterback on third-and-1? Only the quarterback or tailback were going to touch the ball. And yet no one was assigned to Manny Wilkins on a 45-yard TD run.

9 thoughts on “USC-Arizona State Report Card

  1. What a land of opportunity Troy is these days!!! Its football coach makes millions every year getting Fs for his grade every week!!!


      1. Our grades would be better. Run with a fullback 70% of the time to help block for the new qbs will increase our chances of winning. Better than Martin


  2. Works for the LAFD

    “Let’s see it’s late October hey I got to pose for that calendar then block traffic with my hook and ladder trolling behind an ambulance. What a scam – all the overtime I want and those clown taxpayers pay for it.

    Time to scream about the mess Prop 6 would cause if passed… to keep my bloated pension funded!”


  3. I could do CH’s job and get at least a C. How? I’d surround myself with quality assistants, pay em what their worth, and get out of their way. I would walk around the sidelines on Saturday with a pair of headphones looking like I know what’s going on like CH does. I’d tell LS to take his Monday morning meetings and stick em you know where. Guarantee we would be a better football team.


  4. Oh Scotty…. You make this too easy…
    “And I hear John Baxter blamed Greg Budrovich for the punt.”
    Unfortunately Scott, Greg does not play for USC…. maybe because the last time you actually had access to anything reliable with the team was when Greg was on the team… Such a poor excuse for a former journalist you are…

    “Did USC practice any drills to prepare for a spinning tailback? ” – LOL
    What is a spinning tailback Scott? Please tell me? You write about football like someone that’s never been on any athletic team in your life. Maybe because you haven’t. You don’t know a damn thing about football, and you sure as heck don’t know much about this USC program. If you did, you wouldn’t have to rely on other people’s tweets and practice reports to get your information.

    Get a life Scott, your act is old and played out. Go stalk some more cheerleaders you clown


  5. Once again and for the record, I think Pendergast could be a Russian bot who is sold and hired by the opposing coaches to tell them the defense and play that the D will be in. How else could someone get abused by the opposing team’s offensive coordinator?


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