The Crazy View Inside McKay Center

Here’s an excerpt from my Tuesday whispers column which looks inside the McKay Center today:

“Although the players love Helton, some coaches view him as a backstabber.”

The full article is at

Here’s a hilarious updated quote for the story where Clay Helton pretends Tee Martin was happy to get demoted:

“He was great. He totally understood it was something I wanted to do, as he told me, ‘Coach, I’m here to help you. I love ‘SC. I want to be at ‘SC. It’ll give me an even better opportunity to be an even better receiver coach and recruiter.’ ‘‘


10 thoughts on “The Crazy View Inside McKay Center

  1. The fact that Helton waited to make this personnel move this late shows how stubborn and inflexible he is when it comes to making necessary adjustments for the team to improve. And it’s a terrible trait for someone like him because he’s still learning on the job despite his claim of having coached football for over 20 years. Also, we have to consider who he had learned what he knows from. His father is the most influential figure according to him. That’s very touching, but just look at how glorious his coaching records were. He didn’t exactly put the football world on fire, and that’s for sure. lol. Would I be crazy to have him as my mentor if I was an aspiring football coach? Not exactly.

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