USC Morning Buzz: Just Call It Sideways U.

Now that Tee Martin has been stripped of play-calling duties, at least we know who to blame if the offense struggles during the final four games.

But what was Clay Helton’s reasoning for making the move? Did the offense perform worse this season? Yes.

What did Helton expect with three first-year quarterbacks and no Ronald Jones?

I’m not defending Martin but I don’t get why Lynn Swann and Helton rewarded Martin with a new contract based on the past two seasons. Something suddenly changed the past eight games?

This is all for show. Swann is trying to look engaged. Helton is trying to survive. Martin is on his way out.

And all of this was predicted, repeatedly, by me. The program is sideways. It has been for awhile. But does USC even know how to fix it?


12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Just Call It Sideways U.

  1. Again, you might be right. But Swann keeps his own counsel, so it’s hard to say what is going through his mind.

    One explanation is that Swann is trying to reverse the rather shabby reputation USC received by coaches during the Pat Haden Error. Firing coaches on the LAX tarmac, berating refs during the game, demanding to see the game plan, tolerating drunken behavior by a Head Coach then firing said coach a few weeks later for the same behavior, didn’t exactly endure USC to elite level coaches. Nor would refusing raises and extensions after winning the conference and appearing in a second straight BSC bowl game.

    So Swann “rewarded” Tee, Helton and Clancy after last year, and is allowing them to either thrive or die on their own accord. And isn’t that what coaches want? To be more or less left alone and run the program they way they see fit.


  2. It’s well-established CH is out of his depth and has been from the get-go. But at least he’s a good recruiter and knows SOMETHING about football. LS is nothing more than an unqualified empty suit. He knows nothing about AD administration. He is the most unqualified AD in the nation, and his lack of leadership and initiative proves it. This program has been hemorrhaging since before he arrived. He has waited until the Coliseum is half-filled, the team is headed for a .500 season, and the program is a national embarrassment before finally stepping up. Incidentally, the coaching staff changes just made are a band-aid. The program is hemorrhaging.


  3. Tough to focus on your thesis here, Scottie. You’re employing the classic “buckshot” approach, with the “I was right!” tagger added. It’s a little lazy. But this season seems to have made everyone a little lazier than usual, huh?


  4. Scooter,
    Super prognostication! Nobody around this program be it fans, beat writers, or even national tv talking heads has ever expected that there would be a shake up in this staff. You nailed it while the rest of us were just sitting around thinking everything was rick solid. Good job Scoots, that deserves another creeper pic with the opposing teams cheerleaders on your office wall.


  5. Very easy to fix. Get rid of Swann, Helton, Martin, and Bradford. Keep Pendergast drevino, bku, and Hassan after the season, hire an expert in hiring a real coach. Sit in on every interview. Invite a few friends along for the interview. Have the head hunter announce after that the new ad director is in the room. New ad director introduces himself to every potential hire after the interview. As the ad director u wasn’t to hear what the coaches actually say from a raw perspective. Tape the interviews and play them over and over until u feel u have made a selection. Then play them again. Choose a new coach from the selection of five candidates. On second interview, explain to them that they are responsible for getting the best talent and assistants. Let them know that u want sc back where it belongs by beating the bamas, Ohio st, Texas, and any team that dares to challenge sc. hire the guy and get out of the way. Biweekly progress reports during off season and once a week meetings during the season


  6. “And all of this was predicted, repeatedly, by me.”
    I knew all along! I predicted it. I was right…. Come on Scott, you’re so out of touch, but yet think you’re in touch… That’s called delusional!!
    No access to the program that you are obsessed with, but yet can’t even get into a single practice like the real media….
    We might need to all help find Scott a halfway house for his delusion


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