USC Coaching Staff Cat Fight?

Did an accidental text message from Neil Callaway’s wife lead to his firing? Here’s the story from Chris Swanson of

Meanwhile, if you think USC can keep Clay Helton and have him good assistant coaches next season, consider this: Why would a good assistant coach come if he believes it will be a one-year deal with Helton fired next season?


23 thoughts on “USC Coaching Staff Cat Fight?

  1. They could be insurance policies if things don’t work out. Veteran coaches who’ve made their marks and don’t necessarily need the head coach title. They just want to practice their specific craft of offense or defense and be given the respect and room to do it. That way, they can build their masterpieces while Clay handles the rest. I see a delegation of 3 coaches. If Clay can’t handle that, out by his own resistance. Then, one of those highly qualified assistants that they’re gonna hire takes over and still coaches his specialty, while the other maintains his side of the ball. Our man, Lynn Swann, lays out the blueprint.


      1. Hire new assistants with the understanding they take over if Helton doesn’t improve…insurance policies already in place if things continue to go south.


    1. Pasadena Trojan, it’s very interesting that you don’t think Lynn Swann can handle USC’s football business? Why? Do you have a personal grudge? Are you jealous? Why? You continue to say Lynn doesn’t know what he’s doing, however you have provided no details, just disparaging Swann remarks.


      1. Either Swann is buying time or trying to save money when he gave the extensions to Helton and Martin due to the renovation project with the Coliseum or he is waiting for the new president to see what their temperament is like in regards to football. Why would Swann give an an extension to a coach who has been blown out by bama, Wisconsin, and ohio st? Those are the games SC lives for. Swann knows this. yet to be blown out by those teams is horrible. Swann should have waited to see what he had as a team this year without Darnold and then if the team succeeded then give an extension or make Helton make coaching changes at the end of the season. Garrett would not put up with this situation.

        If Swann is just a company man that is collecting a pay check, then get rid of him and bring in Darryl Gross.


      2. Maybe Swann was influenced and/or directed by Max Nikias to extend? I don’t know and neither do you, frankly.


  2. Good assist coaches don’t join sinking ships, or clown head coaching staffs , you can ask Steve Sarkisian about that, because he struggled putting together a staff . Remember Bob Connelly? He was the best offensive line coach that Sarkisian could come up with, and he was coaching high school two years later.


      1. Take the staff out of Helton’s hands. It’s the only way. The traditional coaching model be damned to save a Helton buyout, give Helton another shot at success, give USC a shot at stabilizing, give USC an in place backup plan, give the prominent new hire assistants assurances that their futures are not based on Helton’s approval, but on field product. Heck, make the new hire offensive, defensive coaches AND Clay Helton all Co-Head Coaches…Clay’s title changes to reflect a democratic approach all answerable to Lynn Swann. Clay didn’t mind altering Tee Martin.


      2. Men like Jack Del Rio, Mike Reilly, Hue Jackson and others that have done it all, if not most, in football, could find this more attractive because they want the work they like and are very good at, but don’t need the whole enchilada and would not be tied only to Clay’s situation, but to the university under Mr. Swann.


      3. Egoes checked at the door, just give USC what you do best. No prima donna totalitarian coaching that puts USC too often in an all or nothing situation searching for the next Pete Carroll or Nick Saban type or any other and leaves the school and fans at one man’s mercy.


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