If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Usually, when a coach is on the hot seat, you hear the argument, “we can’t destroy the recruiting class,” as a reason to keep the coach.

But USC’s current class, which recently lost its only five-star prospect (Chris Steele), is so unremarkable that little would be risked by making a coaching change.

The Trojans’ class is ranked No. 29 by Rivals despite having 15 commitments. There is even buzz that Mater Dei wide receiver Bru McCoy, who was considered a lock for USC, might end up at Texas.

  • If it is true Helton will return next season, I can’t see much to suggest the Trojans will be better. The offensive line will probably be even worse. And if you want to start reeling off the names of younger players who will be better, how many players have developed under Helton?
  • How did freshman wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown go from being labeled the best receiver in the program to just another receiver in eight games? I don’t think his performances so far are as good as some of the other great USC freshmen in recent years like Robert Woods, Marqise Lee or even JuJu Smith-Schuster.
  • Is the USC program so fragile that a text message from Neil Callaway’s wife can make things unravel?
  • Doesn’t USC athletic director Lynn Swann need to address why he gave Tee Martin a three-year contract extension last winter if he was willing to demote him after just eight games this season?

Swann’s reputation with fans and boosters is at an all-time low since he assumed the job. He has angered fans by moving their seats and standing behind Helton. His aloof manner has also turned off some donors.

  • Has Helton addresed why defensive end Hunter Echols and linebacker Raymond Scott were suspended last week?
  • I haven’t spoken to anyone at USC this week who thinks JT Daniels should start over Jack Sears at Oregon State. It seems another case where Helton will reward reputation first.
  • Some former USC players were shocked this week when Helton said the players asked to wear pads at November practice.

“I have never heard of players having to ask coaches for more contact,” one said.

  • Let’s remember that even within the program, the general disorganization is noticeable.

“Nothing gets done,” one source said.

  • The coaching drama overshadowed the fact that some feel the team could really go into a tailspin if it starts slowly against Oregon State.

21 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. According to sources, Hunter Echols hurt himself while trying to defend his southern cal girlfriend when an ASU football player was dogging her for not being as pretty as the girlfriend issued to him by Arizona State!

      According to witnesses, Echols got the KNOCKed the “F” Out!


  1. Why Swann believes in Gomer is anyone’s guess. The guy played for two stud coaches in Noll and McKay yet he hitches his wagon to Gomer, unbelievable. Maybe the George Atkinson hits are finally coming home to roost.

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      1. Kinda like Wolf and Swanson…
        Two inept and socially awkward people that are calling themselves journalists….
        Nothing like people who know nothing about a sport, staff, or department to give advice on how to run it… clown journalism

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    1. For me, it started when so many out of state recruits began transferring away. The one and only day I met Clay Helton, by complete chance just prior to his first Spring scrimmage at the Coliseum as Head Coach, I asked him about one player only, Cary Angeline. I liked the possibilities of a 6’7” tight end, especially after what we have witnessed at Stanford. He said they needed to put some weight on him. Fine, but what happened, thereafter? What happened with all those others? And, yes, Scott, it would be nice to know who gave the extensive extensions? Was it Max Nikias? Was it Lynn? Was it the board? Was it a combination?


      1. Sitting idly by while Angeline languished and then transferred was horrible. The guy is 6’7″, agile, has good hands and was a fluid runner who moved well for his size. Just what SC needed down the seam and in the red zone. Of course, Clay Hackett doesn’t realize that tight ends are eligible, anyway. Angeline was arguably the best-looking tight end in camp prior to transferring, and losing him hurt the team. Helton, Helton’s staff…..what a joke. Not letting Sears start this week is another travesty. I haven’t seen much of anything from Daniels to impress me.


  2. Helton is as Ray Malavasi was – Malavasi fired his entire staff in 1982 and the got fired ‘maybe’ the same for Heltonska…..then again maybe Lynn Swann ‘knows’ as John Shaw did …. make the goof walk the planks and keep the house happy.

    Swann couldn’t find his back end with both hands … if there ever was a ‘yes sir’ it is Swann


    1. Sad, saying that about another Trojan like that. Real sad. I don’t care. It’s wrong. That’s why I don’t mind railing away on you on occasions. ***********************************************


      1. But, I understand……I’m guilty sometimes, too. However, they’re not Hall of Famers like Mr Swann. “Can’t find his back end with both hands” is the part I’m offended by.


      2. Why? You dampen the sincerity of our hard fought debate and criticism of their job performance. People read you and will take some of the advice here and there, believe it or not. However, when you stoop too low, they will tune you out, even if you give some good opinions and advice.


  3. Interesting questions, comments, etc…and you don’t have to be a Dr to know cancer will kill you, or an incompetent coach can kill a football team…any real fan of SC football ,basketball,baseball, etc…for last few decades knows a loser when they see it.They can compare them to the winners…too bad it took the players to state we need more real football practices, not the AD, or the coaches…the players…think about it.


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