Jack Sears’ Long Weekend

How would you like to be Jack Sears?

He is flying on a plane to Oregon with the rest of the team, probably still thinking about his performance last week, when he completed 20 of 28 passes for 235 yards and two touchdowns.

His reward is being the No. 2 QB behind JT Daniels. That has to hurt. There is no way Sears can stay at USC now if he does not play the rest of the season. And if he did stay, I doubt he would eat sunflower seeds.


9 thoughts on “Jack Sears’ Long Weekend

  1. Sears has a lot of moxie, and he brought energy and enthusiasm to a team that has been lethargic much of the season. Given the porous O-line, it seems nuts to rush Daniels – who does not seem very mobile – back in. Let the kid heal.


  2. Obviously, Helton decided to live and die with Daniels, and he’s trying to salvage the season with remaining games. Unfortunately, the season is already lost in SC standards and not worth much of anything other than Helton using it as his own opportunity to save his job. With him hopefully gone, there will be a new QB competition for the next season, and Sears might win the job for good.

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  3. I agree with Trojan67. Give Sears another start. The advantages to playing him outweigh the disadvantages. His skills help minimize the weaknesses of the O-line; opponents have to defend a multidimensional QB; coaches can diversity the offense with run/roll-out/pass option packages; team will have a more experienced/viable backup QB; and, he’s earned it. Not recognizing his skills and performance now, will almost guarantee his transfer after the season. Playing him will minimize this risk. All that being said, he’d be crazy to stay if there aren’t major changes to this coaching staff. I saw him play several times in HS. Sears was not surrounded with all the 4 and 5 star athletes that JT had at Mater Dei, and San Clemente still won the CIF championship. He was a one-man wrecking crew.

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  4. According to sources Jack Sears’ mother was in Plano TX looking at condos for rent so Jack Sears could transfer to SMU university.

    Sears would be more comfortable being near the JC Penny headquarters in Plano being that Sears has gone bankrupt.


  5. If Daniels is not able to operate the offense and not have it as smoothly as Sears did last week, Helton cannot hesitate. He will need to put Sears in


    1. But we are talking Helton here. He’s gonna wait until we’re down by 21 points and then after Swann calls his cell phone he’ll think about it.

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      1. Boom – right between the eyes…..problem with Helton leaving is then what? Swann suddenly becomes a skilled AD who can assay potential candidates? I have to say he couldn’t do any worse than what Haden did.

        Helton is as noted by regaltrojan – desperate to keep his job and hasn’t a clue how to be a real leader let alone a coach. With that O Line coach gone and Martin demoted who does Helton talk to now?


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