Off The Road

Who didn’t go to Oregon State?

WR Randal Grimes

TE Daniel Imatorbhebhe

LB Levi Jones

DE Connor Murphy

DL Caleb Tremblay

DB Chase Williams

QB Matt Fink


10 thoughts on “Off The Road

  1. I love the kids in the team, and I care about them a lot, but I do not like Helton for what he’s doing wrong to the team, Of course, I want my team to win always, but these are exceptional times when I want them to lose until we lose Helton for good and bring in a genuinely qualified head coach to pave way for another football dynasty SC so deserves. Hopefully, the agonizing process won’t go beyond the end of this season.

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      1. You mean we should be willing to sacrifice the whole freaking team’s future to save one lousy head coach’s a**? What kind of f’g fan are you? You obviously care more about Helton’s job security than anything else, therefore you’re not a fan but either a psycho or a SUCLA fan that wants SC to keep Gomer as long as possible.

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      2. Lol….I never want the Trojans to lose at anything!!! Get it? No. Of course, you don’t. I’m fair on Coach Helton. If he has to go, fine. If he stays, Lynn Swann must get more involved by hiring a new staff. I’ve been very detailed about it. You say you want the Trojans to win always, yet lose in the same sentence lol. You lie right to our face. Maybe, you and Helton are more alike than you care to admit…….ridiculous.


    1. Are you a freaking space alien? You sure sound like one with that total nonsense and self-contradiction. Hey, how can Helton be on the hot seat if he keeps winning? And how do fans not like him if he shows the signs of improvement? The truth is he’s been revealing more downsides and no hope for the future in terms of righting the ship. He just isn’t the one to put SC football back to where it belongs Get it?. Getting rid of him is the first and foremost priority for the team’s future. But then, you’re obviously on something that prevents you from comprehending it. lol.

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  2. Scott” Low testosterone” Wolf. A non-athlete who eeks out a living insulting USC players and thinks of them as lifestock for his entertainment.


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