Pick The USC-Oregon State Score

Can USC possibly lose to 2-6 Oregon State? The answer is yes.

But will they? The Beavers lost to Cal, 49-7, two weeks ago at Reser Stadium. The doubt comes because Oregon State did not have QB Jake Luton in that game and he led the Beavers last week when they overcame a 31-3 deficit at Colorado.

USC will have JT “Back foot” Daniels back for the game along with Cameron Smith and Marvell Tell. So the Trojans are pretty healthy compared to the past two weeks.

So who are you going to pick?


26 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Oregon State Score

  1. Oregon State gives up an average of 46 points per game, so it should not be remotely close. But Helton and Company will likely make enough mistakes to keep Oregon State in it. Trojans 34, Oregon State 24.


  2. 20 – 13 USC.

    USC doesn’t wrap up the game until the last possession of the game on either offense or defense.

    Just like the Arizona game which USC should have blown out. But with bad teams, Helton and his staff find a way to play down to their opponents level.


    1. Trojan scoreboard loser group: rusoviet*, regalridiculous*, budapest*, Big Balls*, longlivetroy* add Pasadena Trojan*…they say they love ole SC, but they will predict and bow to our enemies, just to get rid of one or two men. Judas quietly pulling their strings.


      1. Not that I want to get involved in this, but I’m pretty sure at least two of those names belong to the same person. I don’t think it’s the same person behind the names you’re talking about though. Wading boots are the best bet here.


  3. Stevie McGhghy is ‘just owns’ …. he’s done what he always does…. blew what cover he had by relentless posting and not an inkling of anything specific to USC.

    hey stevie the peckerwood’s commode needs changing


    1. Sad….you’re coming apart at the seams lol. My name is real. You hide behind false names lol. SEE #1 OF YOUR OWN POST ON 10 THINGS TO FIX TO BEAT OREGON ST…✌️1. BE HONEST…..you gotta a lot of show, but no go…..


    2. Once again, Commie SUCC confirms he’s FoS. JustOwns is singular, always has been, always will be.

      Peckerwood: 10 Basketball N/C’s

      Commie SUCC: Lifelong bozo lush.


      1. Trojan fans, notice the time stamps on the JustOwns and rusoviet latest comments. JustOwns* checks in with the “singular” bit at 6:44 pm according to the Inside site. However, rusoviet* hadn’t written the “Sybil” reference until 3 minutes later, at 6:47 pm. “Sybil” attack should come before the “singular” defense. Checkmate. Scott Wolf= rusoviet = JustOwns….cellophane.


    1. Beautiful, Ben! Sick of these traitors. I just never honestly feel we’re gonna or should lose. Admittedly, I’m crushed when we do lol…can’t shake it, even after all these years.


  4. I hope Oregon State Beats USC, because I want the administration to drop the hammer down on Clay Helton, and his coaching staff. I want this four year nightmare to be finally over, because I want to go back to being a fan, and for the Trojans to actually have a chance at a National Championship

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  5. “ These PAC 12 road games are so tough. We’re lucky to get out of here with a win, “ says you know who. SC 20 Beaver St. 19


  6. I respect Coach Helton for sticking with his guy at QB and I hope JT likewise gets his coach’s back tonight. The would be QB controversy could be if JT doesn’t look good. I would sit tight if I was Jack Sears and I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a two-headed monster if I was Clay Helton. Both guys are showing you that they can play, so why not play them both?


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