If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

So how is JT Daniels doing?

The Los Angeles Times interviewed his “performance coach” Scot Prohaska about Daniels’ inconsistent freshman season.

“Because he came from that high of having so much influence on the program,” Prohaska said, “so much influence on the play-calling and the offensive scheme, and he had so much influence on the players and their development. To have that kind of omnipotency to make decisions, to try to fix things … he doesn’t have any of that right now. And he thinks he has answers to fix things, but he doesn’t have any say over it, any power to do it.”

So Daniels thinks he knows more than the USC coaches but is frustrated because he can’t do anything about it?

I am easily the most critical media member when it comes to USC coaches. I have consistently pointed out their shortcomings even during two 10-win seasons the past two years when most of the media fawned over Clay Helton.

But I find the above quote offensive. I’m sure Prohaska is speaking on behalf of Daniels (and his father).

If Daniels only called plays, USC would be better? Talk about enforcing the stereotype of the entitled Mater Dei QB.

Maybe Daniels can call plays as soon as he learns how to take a hit. Or learns to be mobile. Or stops underthrowing receivers. Or drops every snap that is not directly in his chest. Or stops eating sunflower seeds on the sideline and supports Jack Sears during his first college start.

It’s all a little rich especially when Daniels got his starting job handed back to him on a silver platter after quite a few so-so performances.

Prohaska said Helton will see the light with Daniels now that Helton calls plays.

“Helton will start to realize what he has in JT,” Prohaska said, “Like wow, we can start turning the keys over to this race car pretty soon. It would take a lot longer if it goes through Ellis to Tee to Helton. Now Helton can see it himself, JT’s processing ability.”

Turn the keys over the race car? When has the “race car” shown the athletic ability to trust to have the keys?

The scary part of all this is Helton probably agrees even though the article makes him look incompetent.

All of this underscores how Sam Darnold really was a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback: No entourage or stage parents.

And Helton squandered his two years with Darnold.

  • CBS Sports analyst Rick Neuheisel picks Cal to upset USC on Saturday. That’s an interesting pick but Neuheisel also picked Colorado to beat the Trojans.
  • Who wants to guess the attendance for Saturday night’s game? I predict around 57,000 as the announced figure.
  • I’m starting to notice USC is promoting candidate Iman Marshall, possibly as an All-American candidate. I guess pass-interference penalties do not count.
  • The feds have given the NCAA permission to start investigating college basketball programs who were part of the on-going investigation. USC will be part of that despite previous assurances from Lynn Swann and Andy Enfield that the “Freeh Group” investigated and found no wrongdoing. USC hired the Freeh Group and they had nothing to do with the NCAA.

34 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

      1. The game vs LB Poly was one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever seen by a kid. Both sides of the ball and on a bad ankle.


  1. Lay off the kid Scott. The kid is a hard worker and student of the game and the one underfire from a pourous line. Look at Huntley and Fink from being so-called running quarterbacks. JT has 5 wins under his belt.

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    1. The ONLY WAY “to lay off the kid” as you put it is reopen the QB competition in front of everyone in real games. He was crowned, without proper vetting. Now that we have seen a possible alternative, we’re wisely not willing to continue the patience please coronation that was bestowed upon us fans. Time is short, now, because we’re in jeopardy of losing more personnel without knowing for sure, what’s best for the team. That’s bad business. That’s mismanagement of the corporation, any way one leans.


      1. Assign JT Daniels the 1st quarter, Jack Sears, the second quarter. JT Daniels, the first 7:30 of the third quarter, Jack Sears, the second 7:30 of the 3rd quarter. 4th quarter goes to the better performer. Keep repeating until the answer is obvious, probably ALL THREE REMAINING GAMES….


      2. Not used to having a conversation with anyone other than yourself? R U Trojan Nation?
        I’ll tell you where I received my degrees. USC. You?

        And by the way, most everyone knows I went to and graduated from MD. Just like Huarte, Groots, Leinert, Barkley and JT. What’s your point? Jealous much?


      3. My point is: you’re a Mater Dei High School graduate, who will color the sky red, which doesn’t ensure fairness in the current USC QB situation. I have said here previously, Royal Oak High, USC….


      4. Okay. Show me where I said anything about the qb situation. You’re the one who’s tinted all he sees to fit his narrative. Not I.


      5. Lol…you’ve been talking about the messiah here since he was still in high school..lol…even reciting his high school scores here, etc. etc. etc. Scott, I’m sure, could dig up your bias, but that would probably be too much to ask. Maybe, you could just cop to it?


      6. Btw. Famous former Royal Oakers: Rudi Meoli- Angel infielder, Don Warren- TE Washington Redskins, Vince Neal-Motley Crew, Tommy Lee, Motley Crew…


      7. The fact I pointed out that he and the entire team were doing well and had pride in my high school alma mater in winning the national championship hardly makes me unable to have a fair and impartial view when it comes to my other alma mater. Only someone whose clouded agenda such as yourself finds themselves so constipated that they can’t see past the brown.


      8. Oh, and Bob Lorenz is a Royal Oak Roman. Didn’t want to disrespect by leaving him out. He anchors for YES Network and hosts shows about the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets.


      9. Don’t agree. You don’t put Jack Sears in unless JT is struggling in the first half for at least a quarter. You open up the competition in the Spring.


      10. We don’t have until Spring…..I would never put the same qb competition back in the hands of coaches at practice….we need a public hearing….


  2. Surprising to say the least…SC’s had a lot of good QBs over the past few years, but I’d be surprised if any of them thought they had superior intellect, knowledge, and grasp of college offensive schemes to coaches like, Norm Chow; or Kiffin and Sark–despite their baggage… I mean those coaches helped Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart win the Heisman Trophy….If the Daniels camp is so sure about themselves, perhaps we’ll see all of them in New York for the Heisman announcement…until then, JT needs to work with the track and field coaches–particularly in the sprints and throwing events–Javelin, Discus, Shot Put, and Hammer Throw…might even be a good idea to work on the 110 meter hurdles and even the steeplechase….a little more athleticism and balance might be just what they Team JT needs…especially if Helton goes (one can hope) …a new coaching staff-unless it’s some retread former SC player–might actually give Jack Sears a chance, assuming he doesn’t transfer….


    1. His live affair with Darnold is silly. He literally is jealous, or sounds like it, of the attention given to JT. Darnold is what he is, a good athlete and playmaker, who is careless with the football. He has so far to go in the NFL before he is considered once in a lifetime QB. But Scott loves him. Super creepy fanboy.

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  3. Can’t comment on SD as a pro QB. It’s still early. Few, if any, rookie QBs set the world on fire. What is certain is that Sam was an exceptional college QB. This fact is accentuated when considering the team’s performance without him.

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    1. With all respect to Sam, he was and continues to be a turnover machine. This isn’t abnormal for a rookie pressed to play on a bad team, but for those who always blame Helton for his performance, how do they reconcile his current situation to their arguments? He’s not in school anymore, has full time coaching, film study, practice with his receivers, not like at school.
      I’m hoping he succeeds. Very much so. But there is a reality that doesn’t fit the best ever narrative thrown around here. He might be the best pro out of SC ever, but even that’s a ways off.


  4. LOL!!! What a crock of crap.

    Swann and Andyain’twinning have assured the NCAA there was no wrongdoing SUCC’s part; although, Andyain’twinning’s Asst. HC was busted by the FBI for his participation, on behalf of bozo u’s Men’s BB program, in an illegal pay for play CBB “Pay for Play” recruiting scheme. SUCC fights on!

    As a further demonstration of SUCC’s reputed innocent, bozo u hired the Freeh Group to investigate its FBI BB scandal exposure. The Freeh Group is run and staffed by former bozo u flunky law school grads that regularly represent bozo u as clients. Hardly independent investigation folks, since Freeh Group is still tied to SUCC by a ripple and puke unbiblical cord and willing to whitewash any bozo u indiscretion. Called a “Tom Sawyer Job” in a legal milieu.

    Perhaps the NCAA will ask Andyain’twinning to explain why he miserably flunked his responsibility to maintain the SUCC BB program within the guidelines of NCAA rules and regulations. Didn’t bozo u sign a contract with NCAA stipulating SUCC would abide by its recruiting guidelines. I guessing a signed bozo NCAA contract mean nothing when they’re OOOOOO forever.

    I smell more SUCC NCAA sanctions, maybe the death penalty.


    1. Hang another “almost sweet sixteen “ banner big boy? Third place Pac12 banner? Third place Pac12 tourney banner?

      everyone knows ruins are the center of the bb world…hahahahaha! Just sayin.


    2. Look who got his mommy’s passwords. Lets review a few things:

      1) You can call us SUC, trOJans, clown u and more til the cows come home. We’ll answer back with ucla, crybaby u, minor sports champs of the universe. You talk about Tyndale and Puliafuto, etc. We’ll answer with Tokyo Rose, Daryl Henley, H.R. Haldeman, Rodney Alcala and other illustrious grads busted for stock manipulation, sexual harassment …. Then there’s that really sterling ucla medical school — you know, the one where they sold willed body parts, leaked confidential patient info, killed and injured people with dirty endoscopes, got away with a major dental school cheating/influence peddling scandal, and sold their soul to show-cause Chip ($25k for 2 tailbacks) and sweatshop Armour-All. How proud.

      2) ucla isn’t very good at football. Probably second or third best historical team in the Pac. Last Rose Bowl – before you were born. No BCS bowl wins, no natties since the ’50s, and just basically irrelevant. That no one goes to your games in no surprise. USC will get it together again long before you even win the conference. Even after the unfair and crippling sanctions, ucla won zero, except a few in a row against a depleted ‘SC squad. We know the sanctions and Vince Young make you frisky. Sorry that’s over. Please get your meds ready.

      3) Keep dreaming about the NCAA, too. You know, right, ucla’s name has surfaced int the investigation and the LAT just really had a piece about text messages between a former ucla assistant coach and a key figure in the scandal. Sorry ’bout that, again.

      4) You really need to re-enroll troll school, cuz your material is weak.

      5) It’s hilarious you crum on ‘SC basketball, which has as mediocre a history as your f-ball team. You remember that your players became international outlaws last year in China. And that your glorious b-ball dynasty is completely tainted by the ghost of Sam Gilbert. And that Arizona is the dominant team in the conference. And that LaVar Ball humiliated the Fat Elvis of men’s basketball, and was selling gear that benefited his kids in what should’ve been an NCAA violation. Don’t worry. They’ll come calling eventually.

      Have a super night.

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      1. Yeah if a true ‘tell-all’ that ‘revealed’ who and what Sam Gilbert was and what he was allowed to do for both Wooden and Morgan, were truly-honestly examined that would truly tarnish their demi-god. Considering the lack of anything truly memorable since Harrick won that NC in 1995 – they have to wander back to the glory years of the peckerwood….btw you forgot to mention the fact they stole Cal’s fight song and also gave that documented America hating communist female skank dawg, Angela Davis a ‘chair’ – never mind she smuggled in guns that resulted in that ‘good intentioned’ foolish judge getting killed up in Marin County – with the left facts never matter just the goal of destroying everything that has decency, truth and good in them.

        Ask Ben Shapiro what he thinks about bel-air tech

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    3. Just renter, did you read the El Segunda Times, formerly LATimes, that the all time cheaters, U Clowns Lose Again are once again being investigated for cheating. It is in ugly’s dna to cheat, lie, and steal. Reminder, Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden started this grand tradition at ugly


    1. J. T.Daniels ‘daddy’ pulled this clown out of his 8th-grade school and ‘home schooled’ his back end ‘at home’…imagine Mrs. Daniels dealing with this mess huh? Reminds one of LeVar (mo fo) Ball … after-all who, aside from male basketball players chooses to go to bel-air tech aside from ‘beach volleyball fruitopian calendar posing white bread anti-prop. 6….LAFD white bread…but ‘jonnie peckerwood’ wooden west side gutless dem worshipping demoncrats’ huh?


  5. Don’t agree. You don’t put Jack Sears in unless JT is struggling in the first half for at least a quarter. You open up the competition in the Spring.


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