Guess The Attendance

A night game. Little excitement about the team. Homecoming.

What will the crowd be Saturday night at the Coliseum?

The announced will probably be around 57,000 I am guessing with far less at the game. But maybe you have a better pick.


15 thoughts on “Guess The Attendance

  1. Attendance? Should be huge!

    Who doesn’t want to see:

    Helton Magic
    Iman “toast” Marshall PIs
    Noodle arm Daniels underthrowing receivers
    SC 12 men on the field penalties
    Helton burning 2-3 TOs in the first quarter
    More Trojan injuries
    Etc, etc, etc

    Please make it stop! UNCLE!


      1. SAS here,
        Whats up brotha?
        I haven’t talk to you for a while and it’s just not the same without your take on everything bud. Hope everyhing is good with you. I take it you’re getting more grey hair like i am from watching the team stumble continuously this season. You already know how bad we are. I dont have to tell you. We knew JT could have a tough year, but I can’t get over how everyone actually feels a QB change might turn things around when we have a lot more problems that we need to fix first. I don’t want to see another coach fired and hired and hope Helton can see the big picture of everything that has not worked and finally cuts ties with Pendergast too because I’m seeing much player development with the talent he has. Either way if Helton keeps CP on as his DC then he’ll be fired mid-season next year. I’m not falling for the injury excuse. They didn’t help thats for sure, but this pathetic how the most talented roster in the Pac 12 cannot create a serious depth chart of 1’s and 2’s. They don’t get everthing out of their players or even close. That’s why we’re where we are. Not because JT and though they are awful the OL is not the biggest to blame. It’s the coaches who don’t seem to be coaching.

        But we still have football and we have to finish on a good note and win.

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      2. Sam my good friend, i hope this finds you and your family in good health.
        I follow your posts, as always, with great interest. Your insightful opinions and the clear way you express them is refreshing. Never any mal content, just wishful JT for the best for the school, team and kids. Right now I’m a little preoccupied and I’ll get back with you later.

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    1. LOL Commie SUCC.

      What, no bozo u is the most talented in the Pac-12, or SUCC used to be great in the 1930’s. You useless lush. The bozos are down 15 – 14 @ the Crumbling Mausoleum. The 2 – 8 Bruins crushed Cal @ Cal.


  2. Actually 4 less than should be as my family have a sound NO when asked if they were going. Night games and security guards from the mall with delusions of grandeur are enough to stop us from attending. The game will be on at the local sports bar and they won’t take our sunscreen or belts off to get in


    1. You forgot to mention the train to San Bernardino being a crap shoot at best. Why the metro only runs a specotrain for Orange County is beyond me. Although we take the gold line to Union Station. Parking is free and the ride isn’t bad. Occasionally we encounter a hygienicaly challenged person living between domestic stability (boy being politically correct is a challenge) however most of the time it’s a nice trip. I agree with the hassle at the gate. USC needs to follow other schools in this area.


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