About That USC-Cal Attendance

I wrote on Friday the announced attendance for the USC-Cal game would be around 57,000 and I was pretty close as USC announced a crowd of 56,721. Not bad.

Of course, the crowd was much smaller. Now the question is how long Lynn Swann is willing to tolerate small crowds. He might be a figurehead but he wants to make money. He doesn’t want to go to a new school president with decreasing revenues.

By the way, the USC drew more than 70,000 at the past two homecomings.


17 thoughts on “About That USC-Cal Attendance

  1. The honeymoon is over for LSwann. There will be no PAC12 South title or PAC12 Championship; the consecutive home-game winning streak is now a two-game losing streak; attendance is at a ten-year low; season ticket sales are dropping; two top recruits have already decommitted from a subpar recruiting class; a loss to UCLA is a real possibility; a loss to ND is an absolute certainty; and, a sub .500 season with no bowl game is also a possibility, to say nothing about losing the So. Cal recruiting market to the little gutless wonders from Westwood.

    Sadly, LSwann has done nothing since his arrival to circumvent the epoch destruction of this once great program. Indeed, he extended CH’s contract. I guess he felt CH was a flight risk? All he had to ask himself is “where would Clay go?” Who on earth would want him?

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  2. The horse is dead, no need to beat it any longer. Everybody agrees with you, the football team is in bad shape. The difference is we actually want it to be good, you do not. You are like a kid in the candy store. This season brings you so much joy.


      1. Sorry, Brumby. I’m not a kid in a candy store. I’m truly heart-broken over the condition of our football program. . . .


    1. I’m with you SC4life. My great uncle started taking me to games when I was 5. It’s been a lifetime of fandom ever since. Mostly great with some bad. This season and staff have lowered my expectations to the point of almost apathy. First time feeling like that because I believe only the fan base cares, nobody who is able to make decisions seems to care about the football program right now.


  3. Yes, but was the Coli a construction zone during the last two Homecomings? Were entire lots closed for the Lucas Monstrosity? No… so please, don’t slant your coverage so hard against SC, Scottie….


  4. USC hasn’t done anything to make getting to the games hard. I took a Metro gold line with the family last time. We got there easily. There were people at the station directing us and we made good time.
    Then we got to the stadium. They wanted our soda bottles (plastic) until I pointed out they were sold inside making their confiscation suspicious. They did take our sun screen (even though the people sitting in front of us had the same stuff at the game) and made my son remove his belt when walking through the metal detector. The seats we sat in were unchanged, so I have no idea if those are better and at least USC didn’t bring in skid row people to fill empty seats the way Arizona did.


  5. Papadakis and Doug Gottlieb just finished discussing USC’s coaching woes. Petros stated the mistake was passing on Petersen and that the need now is Willingham out of UT. Gottlieb countered with Matt Campbell – IA St. current head coach. Both agreed bel-air tech will ramp up fast because of Kelly but Gottlieb bluntly stated the Rose Bowl’s distance from Westwood will wash any money Wasserman pumped in and the training center. Papadakis stated that with the arrival of the Rams and Chargers USC is not that relevant save if they win then yes they’ll pull fans back quickly. I like the idea of Campbell if only to move away from anyone being considered that is/was: past with USC, past Pete Carroll coaching staff, not from the Pac-12 but from another conference (Big 12).

    Something has to be done if only a true temp assignment akin to the one Helton got in 2015 WITHOUT awarding a 3 year deal after 8 games are played.

    Many rip Haden in passing on Petersen – truly a mess not vetting Sarkisian, but giving that initial deal of 3 years to Helton was even worse compounded by that moron Swann extending it last year ‘prior’ to the Cotton Bowl massacre

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    1. Good stuff. I am for anyone who will change the entitlement culture that there seems to be surrounding the program. I like Whittingham for the most part, what I dont like is his November record and his inability to win the south. He does more with less talent and his teams are always hard nosed and disciplined.
      Honestly speaking, if there is a culture change at SC, then I see lots of players transferring. This may not seem like a bad thing at first, but that first year probably will be filled with many more downs than ups ( See Nebraska, FSU) The best case scenario is that SC hits a home run with the new hire and the team sees more immediate success like they did at Alabama. Either way, a culture change is badly needed.

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      1. Mike Scoscia finally left the LAA after managing there for 18 years. I have to say the LAA general manager Andy Eppler seems to have hit gold with the hiring of Brad Ausmus based on the long article that was in last Saturday’s Daily News/Breeze. A long long article but it was full of details of Aumus’ skill set and personality. It seems he’s very much like this guy Campbell currently at IA St..

        I agree with you anyone but anyone that has any prior connection to USC – player, a former assistant, coach etc.. You know what is funny and no one has ever addressed it is John Robinson attended practices when Kiffin was the head coach and was very scathing on what he saw – haven’t heard a peep out of him in fact the silence from any former player is amazing based on what all are witnessing.

        It’s been said many times already – perhaps by you – Helton fell into a pile of luck getting this job and he knows it and he also knows he’s not qualified to be a head coach in this conference or any upper 5 team – ‘maybe’ Conference USA, Mid-American or the Sunbelt or a lower division program.

        Helton is a disaster as so many of us said he would be when Darnold wisely moved on. Daniels doesn’t impress me based on his seeming remarks about his play and the team’s. Not saying it was wrong to start him but it is obvious he hasn’t improved much since that concussion he got against UT and to make Sears sit down again rather than Daniels speaks loudly on how little Helton learns from any change imposed by outside circumstances.

        Three plus years is enough – USC needs to make a shrewd choice and have the patience to see the results hoped for i.e. what we don’t need is what that clown Ervin Johnson did last week ripping Luke Walton a new one for all to hear after speaking about the need for ‘patience’.

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      2. RU, you bring up some great points. You mention how Helton is maybe qualified for some lower division HC position and I would add, what has he done, or what did he do, to earn the HC position at won of the most storied programs in CF history? Maybe that sense of entitlement began with him getting a job that he was immensely unqualified for.


    2. “…but Gottlieb bluntly stated the Rose Bowl’s distance from Westwood will wash any money Wasserman pumped in and (sic) the training center.”


      Gottlieb is a boring aberration; who’s inability to articulate a logical statement disqualifies him from being taken seriously. Gottlieb could get work as a pharmaceutical sleeping aid.


      1. Our games look like the Rose Bowl for Bruins games. Instead of people occupying the seats all you see is a bunch Gulls and Pigeons eating popcorn.


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