USC Morning Buzz: Confusion Reigns During Games

So get this: Remember how frustrating it was that USC did not have any timeouts left at the end of the game against Cal as the Golden Bears simply ran out the clock?

Here is how USC burned one in the third quarter: It was fourth-and-2 at the USC 44-yard line with 3:12 remaining in the quarter.

The logical move is to punt. But USC players wanted to go for it and Clay Helton naturally listens to the players. But Helton’s coaches were furious and wanted to punt. In the confusion and indecision, Helton called a timeout and eventually listened to the coaches and punted.

Just another burned timeout, which is a trademark for USC in the second half of every game.

These stories would be hard to believe if I did not hear them every week.

Meanwhile, I wrote about how USC players recently tried to stage an intervention on Clay Helton for


23 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Confusion Reigns During Games

  1. I realize many of us tire of Wolf’s constant barrage against Helton but if this is true it is a microcosm of why Helton needs to be sacked. Truly skilled coaches know what they need to do per any basic game situation based on: score, time/quarter, the line of scrimmage and yards needed. This shows, again he has no real control of the sidelines to even be listening to the players but there it is loud yelling. No one knows where they are to sit and how they are to act during the game – no instead we have the kids overriding the coaches and a precious time out spent in the 3rd quarter.

    Clay Helton is a nice guy but a truly horrible head coach.

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    1. I said this before, and I will say it again, Anyone who hates to hear any criticisms on Helton isn’t a real SC fan/alum who cares about the welfare of the program. They’re either mentally ill and/or SUCLA fans that would love to prolong Helton’s tenure as long as possible.

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    2. I don’t “tire of” the “constant barrage against Helton”. For F sake, if it’s the truth (and the truth is sometimes painful, such as in this case), let it rip, for crying out loud, and then maybe someone (such as a neophyte dolt of an athletic director) just might take action someday, if he hears same repeated from fans, alums, donors and others enough times to sink into his thick, apathetic, inept skull.


  2. Now that’s pretty hilarious. So, in reality, despite all the sugarcoated lip service, Helton has been committing neglect of duty to the team as the head coach by following what the players were telling him to do, which should be sufficient in itself for his dismissal. I thought Helton always sounded too good to be true, and it turns out he is. All of us fans and alums of SC will surely celebrate his exit which just might happen soon. Wow! It’s been a painful and arduous road for us for far too long! Fight on, Trojans! There will be better days. After Helton. Not with.

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  3. The deal is that substitute teacher got hired to be the full time teacher but to be integrous had to continue to let the students run the class room. It’s too late for him to salvage it. The only way he survives if he fires everyone and gets a new coaching staff and let them be the bad guys.


  4. speaking of confusion, I am surprised SCooter that you have not mentioned this: I have season tickets for the USC men’s basketball team. They had a game on Sunday at 6 P.M. Along with the tickets are parking passes for the game in the parking structure next to the Galen Center. So I arrived at 4:14 P.M. and I was not able to park in the parking structure. I saw a SC employee who works in General Service and told him I wanted to park in the structure. His retort was that the structure is full and sold out due to the Rams game. My retort was, that they should honor the parking pass by not selling it out. I then called my USC rep yesterday and told her what happened and since SC did not show any care for their season ticket holders and it is only a one way showing towards loyality, with SC just running a business and not honoring the parking pass, that I want my money back for the pass. I told her I expect a check in the mail.

    She told me that they will have to sit down and discuss this with the groups involved. BTW, Rams and USC have the same situation on December 30, 2018.

    Between getting my seats taking away from me for the reconstruction, Helton, Swann, the team, where I am sitting now, I am fit to be tied.

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    1. The irony is that the USC representative said that people were notified about this. I told her how were people notified since I did not receive this. She said that people called in and that is how they were notified.


      1. In what universe is “People were notified” equivalent to “If you called us, then we told you.” Unbelievable…


    2. Ziggy, Ziggy, Zoggy, Hoa, Hoa Hoa

      I once knew a girl from U$C

      Ziggy, Ziggy, Zoggy, Hoa, Hoa Hoa

      Now it hurts when I go pee…

      Ziggy, Ziggy, Zoggy, Hoa, Hoa Hoa


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