Pick The USC-Cal Score

Time for you to pick the USC-Cal game score.

Cal has a good defense and poor offense. USC has poor coaching.

USC is back at the Coliseum, where it has won 19 of its past 20 games. Who do you like?


9 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Cal Score

    1. Schtoink PT, SUCC loses a pillow fight 15 – 14 at the crumbling mausoleum. Figure on a Dookie Bowl invitation from the city of Fresno.


  1. My email address will not be published, so I predict USC will find Cal beat up and will put up 55 points because of the improvements made by Coach Clay. And while I’m posting nonsense I will predict Jack Sears will move to center because he has the best throwing arm on the team. St. Brown will score on a naked reverse from the end zone giving him his first 100 yard game. Oh and Toa will get his hair ripped out when loses his helmet during a holding call.


  2. Cal seems to have a pretty good defense….offensively? not so much…
    USC is USC… Helton is still the coach, though, JTD will be calling the plays…in a defensive struggle, highlighted by 2 fumbles, 5 sacks, a pick, a safety, three snaps on the ground, two pass interferences, a blocked punt, and, something unusual, SC prevails, 15-11


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