My USC-Cal Pick

This is a perfect trap game for USC.

The Trojans are coming off a lousy game with Oregon State. They have UCLA next week. The crowd will be down. JT Daniels apparently thinks he should call plays. Michael Pittman is out. Cal has a defense that kept Washington and Washington State in check. Justin Wilcox dislikes Clay Helton.

So why am I picking USC?

Simple: The Bears are playing consecutive Pac-12 road games. When Pac-12 teams play back-to-back road games this season, they are 1-8.

Here is another reason: Cal QB Brandon McIlwain, who splits time with Chase Garbers, throws an interception every 16 passes. Even USC’s bad secondary might pick one off against him.

I’m still reluctant because USC cannot put away any team and Helton will stubbornly stick with Daniels at all costs. A USC loss will not surprise me. Nothing USC does really surprises me. Except when they don’t commit penalties.

If you are a USC fan, you need the Trojans to lose to force Lynn Swann to make some changes.

But if Cal wins, it’s an upset. My score: USC 24, Cal 21.


8 thoughts on “My USC-Cal Pick

    1. Yes Thank you Ucla for your help with the PAC12 race. That’s what we get we control our destiny. What is the buyout for Disco Duck?


    2. Hey Lunkster, Cal 15 – The SUCC Elites 14 at the Crumbing Mausoleum!!!

      What’s the Ripple and Puke excuses, excuses, excuses, excuses this time Lunkster?

      UCLA 37 – Cal 7 @ Cal.


  1. I think UCLA is. and always will be, a second tier Power 5 football team. I don’t care who their head coach is. But being totally honest, however, they have continued to improve this season, while we have not. On the eve of the BIG game next week, I fear they may be playing better football than the Trojans. Tonight’s game will tell us a lot about whether last week was an aberration. USC 28 Cal 24


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