Discuss The USC-Cal Game

Will it be underachievement as usual?

Or can USC finally put a good game together?

UPDATED: What an utter debacle!

Clay Helton keeps playing Toa Lobendahn and loses 2 points. Helton keeps playing JT Daniels and the offense gains 41 yards in the second half.

All the sycophants said this week how great Iman Marshall was and he gets a ridiculous penalty on the Cal sideline to blow the game.

It’s utterly appalling. And Lynn Swann says the football program is in great shape.

Helton: “I’m sorry for the 5-5 season, but better days are ahead.”

More Helton: “I’m not gonna get overemotional and all of a sudden say the ship sinking.”

And on Lobendahn: “Toa is one of the loves of my life and he will be our center.”


76 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Cal Game

    1. Please, fire the entire coaching staff,
      I’m sure we can find a dozen alums to coach the last two games. I can’t remember a season like this at USC, these kids are in disarray.


  1. This is an uninteresting team. I never thought I would say that about the Trojans. Hoping that they can bring something extra against ND.


    1. They will be utterly embarrassed by ND on national TV. But Swann will still love on Helton, Helton will continue to live in a bubble, and SC football will have finally become – after 5 years of fits-and-starts – terminally ill. How long do you think the deterioration can last?


    1. 10 minutes ago you said otherwise…. which is it? I’ve been harping on the center position since VEGAS! GOOD GRIEF! #50 out, #62 in….Clay is loyal and stubborn to a fault.


  2. This game shouldn’t be close … Helton is a good guy but is an assistant not a Head Coach … We need to blow out the whole staff… Go after Jedd Fisch …Matt Campbell … maybe Pat Fitzgerald … long shot Jim Mora whose daughter is at USC …


    1. Pressure coming right up the middle..sacked….sacked…these are the same twists Toa couldn’t handle way back at Stanford with Joey Alfieri. You don’t think CAL watched that tape?




  3. This is going to be Clay’s ending to his tenure … Good man and really cares about the program just not the right guy to get us back to a dominant program…


  4. Excellent halftime adjustments by Gomer, and brilliant clock management.

    Add ridiculous penalties, and you have Gomer being highlighted as a clown


  5. I love it. The Cal Bears squeeze by the mighty bozos 15 to 14 at the Crumbling Mausoleum. But don’t worry Rah-Rah’s, Connie Potato has promised SUCC FB a spot in the CFB playoffs because they’re SO elite and talented……..SUCC FB, choka, choka, choka, choke!!!!

    BTW SUCCster’s, the 2 – 8 UCLA waxed Cal @ Cal 37 – 7.


    1. Owns this doesn’t sting as much as you may think because we know we suck this season. But that’s not because we are starting a true freshman who should still be in HS, or that we lost our best pass rusher, or that we lost 3 safeties, etc………No the truth is Clay Helton was exposed for hiring awful coaches who should be coaching at Azusa Pacific (Do they play football?) or in JC at College Of The Desert in Palm Desert. He was beat tonight on pure incompetence. He knew his Center has had a bad senior year and was getting ki**ed all night yet he stuck with him. I mean Toa played like doo-doo as usual and Helton is lucky that Daniels didn’t come away with a big injury. And they are flat out undisciplined. Shoving each other on the sidelines, Marshall with his late game unsporstmanlike penalty. He’s lost these kids. Clay Helton in the Darnold era was getting by with his players succeeding off their own talent and determination. Sam and Adoree won the games or at least led the team and followed playing good enough to put together a couple of good seasons. Clay needs to go but i still think we’ll drag a** in realizing he’s not the guy. He absolutely must fire Clancy Pendergast. This undeserving “Deee-fensive Coordinator” didn’t even want to be here in the first place while we passed on Dave Aranda (Didn’t even interview him). Talk about a couple of guys who cannot coach talent even on accident. We clearly have the best roster in the league and these two botch the development of a what could have been some really good teams. Clay made a lot of bad hires that are now coming back to get him but either way he’s not a smart enough coach to make changes early enough to turn games around or this season with his staff moves were too late. He should be fired, but he probably won’t be.


      1. How ya doing Dean, I was one of the regulars who commented almost all the time on the old Wol* site and I can say Owns made a horrible pick when he chose the Bruins because he loved the powder blue shorts Wooden had them in. But we have had a lot of back and forths. Most are all just trash talk that you get from someone daily at the work place or a neighbor who likes to rub it in. But he can also take it for the most part. Not all the time but usually he’ll admit his losses and he’s not so tough when you get to know him.


  6. Where o where is that SUCC loud mouth, douche bag, lush Commie SUCC. His silence is deafening. What, the largest bellicose Rah-Rah critic has nothing to say re: SUCC’s 1 pt. pillow fight loss to CAL @ the crumbling mausoleum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? LOL.

    Can’t wait to read his dipsomaniac excuses for SUCC’s loss.

    FYI Commie Lush: 2 – 8 UCLA 37 – Cal 7 @ Cal.


  7. Jedd Fisch Resume- NOT A DJ!!! He can Coach!!
    Florida (GA) (1999–2000)
    Houston Texans (DQC) (2001–2003)
    Baltimore Ravens (AQB/AWR) (2004–2007)
    Denver Broncos (WR) (2008)
    Minnesota (OC/QB) (2009)
    Seattle Seahawks (QB) (2010)
    Miami (FL) (OC/QB) (2011–2012)
    Jacksonville Jaguars (OC) (2013–2014)
    Michigan (QB/WR/PGC) (2015-2016)
    UCLA (OC/QB/interim HC) (2017)
    Los Angeles Rams (Senior offensive assistant) (2018–present)

    Coach with Pete, Harbaugh, Sean McVay much more established than what we have now


  8. At what cost is a coach loyal to a player thinking the player will eventually help the team, but in the meantime the player is hurting the team. It can’t be understated how devastating the safety caused by the Lobendahn snap was. Cal was dead in the water and that totally gave them momentum. Game over because the coach can’t handle adversity.


    “We are going to go to a real nice bowl game for our Seniors and send them out the right way.”


      1. I’m just guessing what Helton might say or how he might try to put a spin on what is happening this season. 6 wins are neede to be Bowl eligible


  9. If Lynn Swann thinks this program is in great shape, then he’s the problem, not Clay Helton. If I were a betting man, then my money would be on the fact that Swann is a Puppet, AD, because he knows what a championship coach looks like, but he still extended Helton’s contract?


  10. Reading through this list of preschool comments his as tedious as watching the second half of the game. There are even squabbles on the sidelines herein. We are preaching to the choir on this blog. I am surprised no one took the low ground on Helton’s “great loves of my life” comment. It is not homophobic to wonder what is meant by that statement. I don’t understand it, even in a father-son relationship the father must discipline the son for missteps. The problem for Helton is not seeing the real issue. Love the kid all you want but to continue allowing him to kill drives and not putting your foot down, is counterproductive. Toa’s highlight reel looks like a gag reel for most players. The linebacker that sacked Daniels three or four times did so after waiting patiently for the center to chase butterflies instead of holding a disciplined stance on protecting the quarterback. If an old man watching the game can see that, why can’t the coaches see it?


  11. Memo to Dean Wormer

    Hope you enjoyed your curb service meal. According to the curb hop, you couldn’t eat enough shit scraped from the shoes of the SUCC FB team.

    ****bozo u, the most talented losers in the Pac-12.

    BTW, Wormy, thanks for your trite review of my post re: SUCC’s whimpering loss to CAL! a team UCLA crushed 37 – 7 at Cal.


    1. Just rent, just like ur football team being perennial losers, ur water polo team got curb kick and stomped by the greatest water polo team of all time, the University of Southern California water polo team. Score was 12-11 but SC shoved that cold and silver knife into the losers heart with 12 seconds left in the game. The vampires…ere ruins lost like a bum who is begging for 50 cents


      1. Maybe PT, but UCLA didn’t lose to Cal at Cal. I’m stocked you’d prefer to ignore SUCC’s farcical pillow fight loss to Cal 14 – 15 at the Crumbling Mausoleum, instead of making 40 excuses. PT you’re a typical deflated Rah-Rah, sunshine pumper loser.

        So to re-inflate your teensy ego, you brag about SUCC’s 12 – 11 victory vs UCLA. BFD!

        PT, would you mind if I remind you that UCLA won the 2018 Water Polo NC. Furthermore, PT, I should remind you that SUCC “the greatest water polo team of all time,” were the losers in the 2018 NC game.

        Oh well PT, muddle on.


  12. I remember when a 10 win season was considered BAD. Helton has never been a great coach. It now appears that he has never been a good coach. Surely this must be his swan song.

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  13. They should have gone after Kyle wittingham when Pete left. They should have gone after Kyle wittingham when kiffin was fired. They should have gone after Kyle wittingham when sark was fired. They should go after him now.

    He’s a tough defensive coach who recognizes and develops talent beyond star rankings. His teams play better than they should on paper – and maybe most importantly, he is stable and can run a program. Hire him.


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