USC Morning Buzz: Put A Tent On This Circus

Here is a delusional quote from Clay Helton last night:

“I’ve seen programs across the country have a Rose Bowl, win a Pac-12 championship, and then have an off season and come right back. As a matter of fact, we’re going to compete against one of them (Notre Dame) in about two weeks.”

Does anyone think Helton is capable of turning it around? Is Sam Darnold coming back?

Whatever success Helton had the previous two seasons was Darnold related. Now the program is in meltdown. He wanted JT Daniels to be his new Darnold and that will never happen. Helton is 4-9 against Power 5 opponents without Darnold.

There is no bounce back coming. Sorry.


18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Put A Tent On This Circus

  1. I expect that the team competes to the end with ND (I really can’t stand that leprechaun…), irrespective of the score. In terms of Helton’s quote, what do you expect him to say?

    It is clear to everyone that a new HC is needed, and I expect that this will happen for the 2019 season. With the right person, Trojan football comes back. Lots of coaching talent out there.


    1. CH is unfortunately a bust. He seems to be a nice guy but he doesn’t have what it takes to be a great coach which USC deserves


  2. Before we get a tent could Clay and Toa get a room? The one change that should be made isn’t going to happen. Clay said Toa is the great love of his life it doesn’t matter if an all pro center was available Clay likes the way Toa bends over and slides a ball between his legs.


  3. Anyone who sticks with a center who can’t snap a ball, allows players to act like morons and get 15 yard penalties and doesn’t bench them, sticks with a stiff at QB, has players fighting with each other on the sidelines, stuck with an incompetent OL coach until he was told to can him, plays players who aren’t better than ones sitting on the bench should not be a head football coach anywhere, but there he is, fat dumb Gomer running the USC football program right into the ground, thanks Haden.

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  4. What an asinine call with the fake field goal try. Brown is a pathetic athlete
    who is slow as molasses. No off beat plays when needed. The usual 2nd
    half fade out. Here is the order of moves for the university now as follows:

    1. President………2. Athletic AD………3. Head Football Coach……4. New Staff


  5. Tent. Trash can. More like a dumpster fire. Season goal went from competing for a national championship, to winning the PAC12, to winning the PAC12 south, to just being bowl eligible. Wow. Looking back on how many consecutive years of top-10 rated recruiting classes, this is not a question of the talent available on the sideline. The underachievement is palpably epic.

    The BEST thing to do now, to avoid losing out, is to fire Helton. Today. Or definitely early in the week. Reason: the team is always a reflection of its coach, and to continue subsidizing a monumentally flaccid leader going into the final 2 games only reinforces its impotence. Helton’s continued presence and obvious lack of coaching control over his players isn’t stabilizing to the program in any way, shape or form – and the team would instantly rally around an interim coach (Pendergast, Drevno, anyone really) to salvage the remainder of the season.

    Lynn Swann…your phone is ringing. It’s Inevitability. Will you answer the call?


  6. Little Petey Pom-Pom took another loss in the shorts today at the Crumbling Mausoleum. After 9 games Petey is a cool 4 – 5. Will little Petey need a new gig soon?


  7. HC making +$300,000 per game as a coach!?
    Ya got to be kidding me?!?!?!

    And Lynn Swan-Dive allowing it (even extending his contact)

    Maybe both should GO!

    PS Everyone says “HC is a nice guy” . . .
    NO ONE ever says “HC is a nice guy AND A GREAT COACH!!!!”


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