The Legacy Of Pat Haden

What a devastating impact Pat Haden had on USC football.

He kept Lane Kiffin a season too long. He hired Steve Sarkisian. He ran off Ed Orgeron. He hired Clay Helton.

Lynn Swann needs to be held accountable today for the football program and his lack of action is inexcusable.

But Haden really did a number on the football program.

This is why you must hire athletic directors who have been an athletic director.


30 thoughts on “The Legacy Of Pat Haden

  1. “I am standing before you hear today to announce my immediate resignation as head coach of the USC Trojans. As has become abundantly clear, to me and all of you, is that I am not a head coach. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the University, this team, the alumni, my family, and myself that I resign, and not prolong the charade. I thought talent alone would mask my lack of coaching ability, but the record and poor play on the field has proven otherwise. Thank you for the opportunity to pose as your head coach. It was exhilarating and financially rewarding….I still pinch myself. Man, this could only happen in America, and at USC.”

    Sorry, I slipped into a day dream.

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    1. So said, Paul Hackett, Ted Tollner, Larry Smith, Steve Sarkisian, Lane Kiffin and now Clay Helton. Get the picture ? Thanks Pat Haden.


  2. It’s clear Pat and Clay don’t have the abilities we relied upon them to implement. It’s unclear about Mr. Swann, but, he needs to come forward now.


  3. Lack of a decision counts as indecisiveness, a hallmark of poor leadership. Clear as day, though: firing Helton now is the only “kill two birds with one stone” move – (1) it rallies the team around an interim coach to salvage what remains of the season while underscoring the seriousness of winning out, and (2) shows Lynn Swann to be unafraid of the burden of leadership that comes with the AD role through making [arguably] the hardest call – a personnel dismissal decision.

    In a way, it’s the only chance Lynn has to keep his job. Otherwise, someone else at the university, a president perhaps, will demonstrate directly to Lynn by example what it takes to make such a hard call.

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  4. Haden did not protect the universities athletic department and he sold it short by not doing due dillegence in finding a strong head coach. He sold sc down the river

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  5. Swann might be a figurehead beholden to administration cronies and big-time donors.

    He might also have his hands tied. A new President in coming in. Who knows who it will be. What is the vision for the athletic programs? Will the new President want to tear down and re-build Heritage Hall? Will Swann want to stick around? An elite coach and program builder isn’t coming to take a job when the man who hired him might have one foot out the door.

    There is also the issue with the quarter billion dollar scandal settlement. Will there be money?


  6. Su’a Cravens got called out on Twitter…

    Sua Cravens Tweet:

    “USC forgot what made then USC. They forgot how to recruit. They forgot how to treat former players. They forgot that being a Trojan was an honor and not a hand out. USC used to have All-Americans as back ups. Now we just a bunch of so called 7 on 7 5 stars. Shi must change ASAP!”

    “Don’t act like you didn’t have a part of creating this mess, Sua'”…is what one Twitter poster wrote and tweeted this as a reminder from an L.A. Times article

    Linger outside the Trojans’ locker room and listen to Su’a Cravens, a veteran linebacker who has seen the team’s physicality and passion radically change.

    “We want Coach Helton, plain and simple, we don’t need to meet with Pat Haden, he knows we want Coach Helton, the way he’s got this team back together … everybody on this team would give an arm and a leg for Coach Helton,” he said. “Now we take it personally, Helton’s job being on the line is making us fight even harder.”


    1. He’s an example, that former players aren’t the only ones from which to seek advice. Talent in one area, doesn’t guarantee quality in another. This is a law of nature. This is a law of creation. Yes, there are exceptions, sometimes many, bravo….but, you have to consider carefully and deliberate over long periods..


  7. Haden can be given a pass. He threw enough of them. But honestly I think he has CTE or something he acts like he was hit once too often. He will be remembered as the goat of the Rams and ringmaster of the Clown College. It is sad to know he went from hero to buffoon.


  8. The worst item listed that has impacted USC football the most was Haden’s indolence in not vetting Sarkisian. How lazy can you be to think there is no need to do even a minimal background check in 2015? This is, as noted, all Haden’s.


    1. Disagree, Commie Lush. Stabbing Coach O in the back is the worse thing Haden ever did for the SUCC FB team.

      I’m willing to bet a case of Volka to a dollar that every SUCC Rah-Rah would love bozo u to sport LSU’s current W/L record.


  9. Pat Haden hired Sark because he wanted to be able to give his input to team decisions. Not just “big picture” issues which AD’s traditionally have input in. He wanted to sit in on team meetings and give input on what plays to run. He could do that with Sark who he could control but not with a Chris Peterson type.

    He thought he knew enough football to pull the strings from behind the curtain but instead he has created a disaster and an embarrassment that will eclipse any good he did for USC prior to becoming AD.

    If there was anyone who could have reigned in Haden, that should have been J.K. McKay. But his silence during Haden’s tenure only holds him just as culpable for the football mess as Haden.


    1. Much as it is obvious Sarkisian was a bad hire he also had been a head coach. I sincerely doubt he (Sarkisian) would have stood for that kind of micro-managing oversight under any condition.

      J.K. McKay ‘rein’ in Haden? JK has been Haden’s ‘batman’ (British army -an officer’s ‘personal’ servant) for over 40 years. Totally out of character for him (McKay) to suddenly act in a manner asking Haden ‘….what is this you are doing?’ No – his brother Rich is the one you’re thinking of.


      1. Haden’s “meddling” has been common knowledge for a number of years now. (The embarrassment of Haden running to the sideline to confront the refs at Stanford at Sark’s calling is along these lines).

        McKay’s role can be comparable to a loyal soldier. He would never contradict Haden publicly but one where a friend can question what’s going on behind closed doors. Not to say Haden would have obeyed but McKay certainly has his ear more than anyone else when it comes to athletics.


      2. I did not know the definition of “batman” until you were kind enough to define the word for the SUCC chumps.

        So Commie Lush, who is the British Officer “Batman” is currently servicing?

        While you’re at it Commie Lush, please define the noun pedant. Then, be so kind as to explain how definition relates to you.


    2. That drunk Sarkisian was hired by Haden because Haden knew he could control Sarkisian, and at a minimum, the people close to him. When Haden met with Chris Petersen, Petersen told Haden he would bring his staff with him from Boise State, and Haden objected to that. Petersen had already been informed by Daryl Gross (former assistant AD under Garrett) that Haden would try to control the football program, and Petersen would have none of that. Daryl Gross had been Petersen’s wide receiver at UC Davis where they won a National Championship together. Petersen was the school’s quarterback and maintains a close relationship with Gross. When Sarkisian left USC for Washington, it became apparent to Washington that he had a problem. Those within the program also knew it, and made sure that the information did not get out. Sarkisian had taken Jared Blank with him from USC (football operations), and brought him back down to USC when he was hired. Sarkisian also hired Cheryl Taplin, Executive Assistant To The Head Coach. Sarkisian brought her to USC from Washington, and she remains on staff to this day. She attends every game and stands along the sideline, wearing a hibiscus flower in her hair, just above her ear. When she hears fans booing the Coach, she turns around to give fans an evil eye, and at one game against Cal, she yelled at the fans to shut up. This woman knows the inside of the football program like no one else. Her desk is directly across from the coach’s office door. No one see the coach unless she allows it. When Haden panicked the day Sarkisian was found curled up in a corner of his office, in fetal position, crying, Haden was on the phone with Jared and Cheryl threatening to fire them if they did not reveal Sarkisian’s whereabouts. These people within the Athletic Department cannot be trusted to expose the disasters happening within the program. They protect themselves and their jobs. Taplin knew Helton was not a good pick for the job, but she remained silent. She needs to speak out loudly to protect the program, but she won’t. She is an LSU graduate. Most people know that Helton is incapable of running a successful football program, but these insiders say nothing to protect their own paychecks. A new coach needs to rid the program of those complicit in ruining a storied football legacy.


  10. Helton, coaching advice, cover the te Caleb Wilson. That is the first option for the commie atheist rubber arm weeny qb of ugly goes to


  11. Pat Haden left the football program in a position where success would be difficult, if not impossible, to attain. The only way that he is a total failure is if the rest of the sports programs were left in a similar state. As an AD you have to recognize that your legacy is tied to the hip with your football program in most cases.


  12. Sark was a crap coach at Udub … all you had to do is watch his undisciplined, sloppy, teams. He was maybe a step better than Gomer ball.
    It’s time for that freaking puke Mark Jackson to move along, he was pushing freaking Sark and is also trying to keep Gomer around.


    1. Mark Jackson left a while back to assume the AD position at Villanova. The person truly in charge now is Steve Lopes within the Athletic Department. This is the guy responsible for the season ticket fiasco happening right now. He also managed to secure an athletic scholarship for his kid who was a mediocre player at Palos Verdes High.


  13. Wow. SUCC sure had a bad weekend. In addition to their veinte macho loss to Cal, the bozo BB team also took a loss in shorts, losing to Vanderbilt 82 – 78, @ the barn. The bozo sharpshooters were a cool 4 – 19 (Or 21.0 pct) from 3pt. land.

    Andyain’twinning blows another cupcake home game. But SUCC fights on.


  14. at this stage, getting rid of Helton (after ND, which promises to be special…in a very bad way) is OBVIOUS…. Unfortunately, it was OBVIOUS to not hire him as HC. Really, was anybody impressed with his abilities under Sark, under Lame??? and since when has a 11-3 record been considered GOOD at SC??? and that’s with a fantastic QB…. If Swan isn’t looking for HC, he needs to find another profession…


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