A Sign Of Why USC Is 5-5

There was an ugly scene on the sideline Saturday night when cornerback Isaiah Langley went after quarterback JT Daniels following Cal’s safety on an errant snap.

It wasn’t Daniels’ fault. The snap was high and wide.

But the fact Langley went after Daniels would bolster what I’ve heard about players being unhappy with the decision to start Daniels over Jack Sears after the Arizona State game. There is a popular movement within the team to start Sears but Clay Helton’s been adamant to start Daniels.

None of this is what you want going into the Crosstown Rivalry. But it does help explain a 5-5 season.


13 thoughts on “A Sign Of Why USC Is 5-5

  1. Seems like Langley was not watching the game. That snap was one of the worst I have ever seen. In any case, Langley should be benched. Sideline chaos can’t be tolerated.


  2. Don’t blow it if of proportion. He happened to bump into him as he was yelling at offense in general. He didn’t go after JT specifically and they didn’t need to be separated or anything like that. Sidelines get heated, happens all the time.

    That is a tiny symptom of the big problem of not winning. The staff is a mess, but this type of stuff happens even on good teams.

    Biggie’s penalty is a symptom of the bigger problem. No fear of being selfish and costing his team. That’s bad. Good teams don’t allow that nonsense.


  3. Hey Wolf, could you tell us what the ‘Inside’ scoop is on Helton being fire after the season? With all the things you hear from players, scouts, coaches, …….. I know you know. Please tell us.


  4. Helton will not be fired. It will cost $15 million to buy him and the staff out. due to Swann’s acceptance of medicore football, he extended the contract. Bad decision on Swann. We are stuck unless a very generous donor anties up around $60 million to buy him out and hire a new staff (Aggregate total).


    1. PT – agree that this will be expensive, though SC football revenue is over $60 million per year, and another season like this one could cost more in terms of lost revenue than the buy-out.


      1. Regal- I can see some very possible scenarios breaking the camel’s back. First, the team not only loses to UCLA, but gets blown out. Second, the offense is completely stymied by the Irish. They both don’t have to happen either ,I think. Either display of ineptitude should- please – do the job.


  5. PT i agree too.
    But i just can’t see them keeping Clueless Clay another year. It will end up costing them alot more. I know some alumni that said they are not going to renew their season tickets next year if Clueless Clay is there. Can you imagine how many more are thinking the same thing. I really see him getting fired after the bruin game if we lose.

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  6. If we’re lucky Helton gets tossed after this Saturday’s game and it will be justified if Kelly pulls a minor upset. Got to hand it to Guerrero – he knew that Mora was a joke before 2017 began and began a smart search, unlike the Alford search, with a proven head coach that wanted to work for him, unlike the first two men’s basketball coaches candidates who didn’t, when Holland was sacked. If only a short-term interim – Helton’s impact is sinking what is left of the program and retaining him will be fodder for opposing coaches to dissuade potential recruits to play elsewhere.


  7. Seen the NFL getting ready to yank the game between KC Chiefs and LA Rams from Mexico City? LA is the home team which means it could possibly be moved back to the Coliseum for a week from yesterday.


  8. The malcontented Scott Wolf sowing seeds of discontent to sell his slop instead of getting a real job. These kids are backing each other up and the coach.

    Helton will be around for another year.


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