Clay Helton Does Not Worry About Job . . . Sure

USC coach Clay Helton confirmed linebacker Levi Jones is no longer on the team. I will have more on the reason why later.

But here are some real quotes on Helton’s job security:

“I feel very secure in where I am right now. I have a lot of support.”

That must be why there are so many empty seats at the Coliseum on Saturdays.

Here is what Helton said about whether USC athletic director Lynn Swann supports him.

“Lynn has given me nothing but, ‘Coach, we’re in this for the long haul.’ . . . I know that in my heart I’m going to be here (next season).”

Heaven help us!

At least wide receiver Michael Pittman defended his beleagured coach.

“I feel like he’s become a better head coach (this season). It might not seem like it, but he is. We’re in construction years now. People might think he’s ruining the team, but he’s actually making it better.”


23 thoughts on “Clay Helton Does Not Worry About Job . . . Sure

  1. Scottie Wolf – coaching expert.
    Not even an expert journalist, but an expert on a sport he’s never played…
    I already said it, mark my words, Clay will be the head coach next season.


    1. News flash – everyone here is “….an expert on a sport he’s never played…” It’s no different than the public reaction to a bad: car, president, baseball team, resort….”

      One doesn’t have to have actually played or built or directed or whatever to see what one’s eyes are seeing.

      Why would any recruit, especially those from out-of-state, choose USC over another current top tier or ascending program with this poor fool in charge? Would any parent of a top ranked athlete be happy he chose USC based on what is transpiring in 2018?

      Wolf is gleefully excessive and nasty but he’s seeing and saying what others across the country in his profession are also witnessing – Joel Klatt, Pat Forde, Aaron Taylor, Kirk Herbstreit, Mel Kuyper Jr. on and on.


      1. This has to be Scottie, I mean he never comes up with something original in his comments, and he repeats the same thing over and over. Much like his articles, oh wait, he’s not allowed to actually write articles for anyone anymore. Well, much like the negative and un-researched blog posts. Repetitive and inaccurate most of the time.


      1. Darryl Redeux, the db that played for USC back in the early 2000’s. John Jackson, who covers SC during the game on 710 AM.


  2. “…me”…”me”…”I”…”I”…”I”….
    I wonder who the couch will drag in to the post game presser after the game Saturday? No wonder the players leave the locker room fast.


  3. Point taken. However to mention Scooter the Molester in the same breath as any of those real journalists, is just blasphemous!
    None of those writers or on-air talent have outright called for Clay’s firing either. They certainly are entitled to their opinion, as is Scott. However the amount of venom coming from Scott, especially in the form of un-researched and ‘anonymous’ sources is overboard. Scott is not an ‘Inside’ reporter and can’t claim to be, especially when he isn’t even allowed at practice or as a media member to the games!!

    Also, as a parent of a student-athlete that has been recruited and earned a scholarship, and another current child that’s being recruited, to be quite honest, you don’t only look at a school’s record or what the naysayers are saying about the school. You’re actually looking at several things including the school’s academic reputation, athletic reputation, support staff, academic support, coaches interaction with their athletes, as well as the overall state of the program, among several other factors. That’s why, despite what you might think, USC will still sign a solid recruiting class, and will be in the running for several highly recruited athletes when it’s all said and done.

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      1. Actually, my kid that’s already in school is a female volleyball athlete… And she goes to Penn State… So you couldn’t be further from the truth.
        My son who is being recruited now, is considering several schools in football, including USC, and will consider USC regardless of who the coach is, because of the factors I stated before…


  4. “At least Pittman”….. Scottie lacks credibility. He wanted to fire Clay after winning a Rose, and wanted to fire Carroll after winning a National Title…..


  5. I think after all the coaching disasters with being on probation, Lane Kiffin ethics and the public embarrasment of Steve Sarkisian that the prospect gaving a clean program with high education and modest athletic goals is preferrable over the stank of a Urban Meyer type program


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