Pick The USC-UCLA Score

With an early kickoff, I’m starting this earlier than usual. USC is the more talented team. Does that matter? Do you want USC to lose to force change? Pick away!


27 thoughts on “Pick The USC-UCLA Score

    1. This is, unfortunately, very plausible. I say 17-3 USC at halftime and 24-17 UCLA at final. There will be some horrendous turn-over-score that will take the wind out of sails in the 2nd half.


      1. Daniels pick 6 is the call or sack cause fumble cause knee injury TD … remember when Barr blew up Barney a few years back lol


  1. UCLA 34-17.

    USC will be up 10-0 at the end of the first quarter, but UCLA will be in the red zone. UCLA will score at the beginning of the second quarter, take a 14-10 lead going into halftime, and pull away in the 2nd half.

    Clay will spend the post-game press conference talking about the 2016 Rose Bowl.

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  2. Westwood is a really bad 2-8 team. 101st in total defense, and 93rd in total offense. The game shouldn’t even be close. On the other hand, SC will make several execution, discipline, and play calling mistakes to keep it closer than it should be:

    SC 27 – 20


    1. That’s a given it will be unnecessarily close … but something says the gutties stick a big dagger into Gomer. Then Coach Lynn will have to put the clubs down and declare whether Gomer stays to ruin next year or head back to Ole Kentuck


      1. Swann – I don’t understand how he permitted a subpar group of assistant coaches, when it is obvious Helton needs top tier assistants. . It was completely obvious to everyone that Callway should have been fired – why didn’t Swann insist on that last year, after the Ohio St. game showcased just how bad the O-line performed? Why did Swann allow a “quality control assistant” be promoted to be QB coach?

        I would think that the only way Helton keeps his job is to win out, but who knows with the decisions that Swann has made?

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  3. Its a a point now that its apparent, Helton CANNOT coach without Sam Darnold. This season has been a disaster, and keeping him and the coaching staff around will make it worse.


  4. Has it really come to this…? Helton’s been coaching QBs for 24 years…he only wants 24 more hours….Fine….I think that’s an accommodation the Trojan Nation can agree on…. after all, there’ll be No National Championship, No Pac 12 Championship, No Pac 12 South Divisional Championship… No Rose Bowl; No California Championship( if they lose to the blue men, they’ll be 0 for California in 2018), so there must be something to play for….aha! The City of Los Angles Championship–the Battle of Bad Teams at the Rose Bowl…(so they are, at least, going to play a game at the Rose Bowl, after all). So, Helton’s coaching his last 24 hours at USC… In a spell binding, edge of your seat, barn burner, the Kelly’s 26 the Helton’s 29…


    1. The last time USC went “0 for California” against the 3 Pac-12 California teams was 1996, just a year removed from beating Northwestern in the Rose Bowl. Not even Paul Hackett accomplished that (Hackett was hired in 1998).

      If Clay matches that record, then he should be banned from being a HC anywhere, ever.


      1. “0 for California” has a nice backhand ring too it. Hope you don’t mind if I use it. Promise to always enclose your phrase w/in quotation marks.


  5. The University of Kansas is hiring Les Miles. That’s right, before the UCLA kickoff the team that is by any measurement the worst in a power 5 conference will have a better coach than SC! Pathetic


  6. Since Petros always claims he was the “Captain of the Worst USC Football Team of All – Time” (2000), he should be the one who leads the team out of tunnel this time. Because this team is one bad team and could challenge that 2000 team for one of the worst squads USC has ever had.

    Still, I can’t find it in my heart to pick UCLA over USC. My heart bleeds too much Cardinal and Gold.

    I still am worried about tomorrow. But, like that 2000 team that struggled all year but then fought back to beat UCLA at the end, I think USC does the same and wins it 31 – 14.

    And then, they fire Helton a week later after ND steamrolls the Trojans.


    1. Marv, I think that your are right on with this prediction.

      That 2000 team started out 3-0 and was ranked as high as 8 or 9, then it lost several games in a row. That team had some young talent, including Polamalu, Kareem Kelly, and Carson Palmer (who did not play that year).


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