Some Reaction To USC-UCLA Debacle

The announced crowd of 57,116 was the smallest since 1950.

Now on to some delusional quotes from Clay Helton, who got heckled by USC fans as he came off the field:

“It doesn’t bother me. It rolls off my back, so I’m not worried about it.

““I know the job. The job is you win, people are going to pat you on the back. If you lose, they are going to get after you. If you don’t like it, don’t be in this profession.”

Helton on Lynn Swann:  “He hugged my neck and said, ‘I’ll see you Monday,’ I’ve got great support from USC, from Lynn Swann, and these players.”

And from JT Daniels, who said his second INT slipped from his hand and he meant to throw the ball out of bounds.

“If you blame Clay Helton for that loss, you have no idea what football is. There’s things that players aren’t executing. That’s it. That’s the players’ part of the ball game, just to make the plays.”

Daniels was asked if he felt bad for Helton: “Absolutely. I completely feel that. If you ask Coach Helton if he could do better, I promise you he’d say yes.”


40 thoughts on “Some Reaction To USC-UCLA Debacle

  1. Well I’ve seen a few posts and I agree with them all. We need a fan out boycott of next week’s game. Leave the stadium to the leprechauns and imitation Trojans. Don’t go don’t watchdog not put more money in the pocket of losers. I volunteer to do my part. I won’t be there and doubt I’ll watch.

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      1. What ever the “seven layer bean dip” SCREECHING is all about (too much liquor?) you should know that “the problem” does not rest with SC fans who know coaching ineptitude and failure when they see it, which is to say week-after-week on the field…ineptitude that goes back to last season’s blowout loss to Ohio State. No, “the problem” is exactly what it appears to be: a HC who cobbled together a JC level coaching staff… who, himself, couldn’t put together a winning game plan if he had Alabama talent to work with…who HIMSELF is responsible for getting his team ready each week…who HIMSELF has squandered the potential of the 4-5 star recruits on the team…who HIMSELF is responsible for record low fan turnout and a complete embarrassment of SC football nation wide.

        Oh…wait…add a clueless and incompetent AD to “the problem” too.

        You need a cold shower, sir. Snap out of it!

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      2. Wow harsh words from someone I don’t know. For the record I loath 7 layer bean dip. I am the problem though as I have been going along thinking the ship would right itself but it hasn’t. So I will apologize for throwing an incomplete pass for our last gasp. I will apologize for missing my assignment and allowing the Ucla running back to run wild. I even take credit for the fake field goal last week because had it been coached correctly it would have worked.
        But I draw the line at 7 layer bean dip and going on behind the worst coach I have seen in my 55 years of cheering for the Trojans.

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      3. Oh you are right Chris Hart and Dean but not OTND. It is my fault for eating bean dip. My eating beans made one of the imitation football players into an imitation boxer. That first layer is sour cream just as I am sour on the Coaches as a lot, for not taking responsibility for training our team.
        One the layers is tomatoes, as in the rotten tomatoes the defense came up with.
        There are onions in the dip, onions make you cry the way the offensive line made JT Daniels cry for help after being sacked.
        Guacamole is part of the dip made up of avocados, a fat fruit that is green, green like our quarterback who should have benched 5 games ago. keen

        It IS ALL my fault yes -sir-reebub! I take a whole day and my whole family and we shell out about $500 in tickets, concessions and Trojan trinkets for four people. We squeeze into uncomfortable seats and put up with people wandering in and out, while we try to watch what we paid for. What we paid for is a competitor sport where two teams do their best to win. We go in knowing our team could lose, but expect a contest.
        What I am saying is do not line the pockets of the incompetent. If what you saw yesterday was worth your money, then I am your problem because I know the money I spend going to the game goes to support the program and I’m not get a good return on my investment.

        Watch or boycott it matters little to me.

        Dean I don’t imbibe.

        OTND , yes those were angry words from someone I have little chance of meeting but it really was me throwing the incomplete pass …. A little trick I learned from Harry Potter movies kinda makes it easier to fire a coach exposed as Helton has been these past few games.


      4. That comment is genius (albeit evil genius) and I love 7 layer dip as much as I loved that game.
        Vote with your wallet Trojans, it’s all you got.


  2. The only players within 15 yards of the ball’s trajectory were 2 blue clad Bruins.

    I’m thinking had J.T. larger hands the FB wouldn’t slip.


      1. Just to Recap Worm:

        UCLA 34 – SUCC 27; + R. Kelly runs for 287 yds and 2 TD’s.

        The bozos scored 3 points in the 2nd half.

        Keep on barking Worm.


  3. Like the coach, like the player! This JT kid is definitely savvier on job security than on his trade. Will he keep his job under the new coach? It looks doubtful now. My gut feeling is Jack Sears has a good chance of taking the job from him next year.


    1. On November 15th you wrote, JT DANIELS IS GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIPS. Today, you rooted for UCLA. Next week, you’ll root for Notre Dame. Now, you claim support for Sears. Next year? Try next week.


      1. Hey psycho, why are you following me around? Are your doctors neglecting you tonight? And that’s not just what I said. I said he’d be good enough a QB to win championships with a CAPABLE coach, not Helton. But I guess you’re too f***d in the head to remember it.


  4. According to sources, Jack Sears asked for for a transfer release before the game. He is hoping to transfer to Washington State and join the air raid.

    JT Daniels is also looking to transfer to UC Davis, in the hopes that he may develop like Joshua Kelley…

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      1. Here’s a real Jackov that’s ecstatic about a team that’s 3-8 after 11 games. I see your standards are extremely lofty, eh? LOL!!!




    1. Teddy, who are your sources? Let me guess, your teddy bear. I’m sure u have very long conversations with what ever gender u prefer


  5. Comment
    Chris Hart
    Chris Hart No, you F retard, CLAY HELTON IS NOT A GOOD COACH, you tool. This is why you are a Marine. You don’t have the brain power to be a citizen. F idiot.


    1. you are an ungrateful coward, calling out someone who serves and defends our country for that very reason. Re-examine your thought process.

      Be mad about USC football all you want. Disagree with others opinions, but NEVER trash the service of a veteran.

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  6. Hmmm a forty plus yard pass that “…..slipped from his hand and he meant to throw the ball out of bounds…” Funny how that pass went straight down the center of the field – nowhere close to either sideline. Man up Daniels – you were frightened and reacted accordingly as noted by that closeup of you crying in angst at what you’d just done – it’s called being overmatched and no longer having handlers (former coaches and esp. daddy) run interference for you.


    1. Remember, Rus, as SoCal, what doesn’t make you cry, makes you stronger.
      Rumor is that Lululemon is coming in with a big contract for SoCal football unis to to help buy out Coach of Clay and get rid of Lame Duck Swan.
      They have some really nice pastel takes on the Card & Gold I think you’ll just adore.


  7. Ru you commy prick … you nailed it, Daniels is a made for 7 on 7 qb that has always been protected. Not any more , hopefully he transfers when Gomer is fired. He will not be missed, not a winner. Does act, look, or play like one either.


  8. This is the heart of the matter. From BRO:

    “Something, happened, then, in the TV break between the third and fourth quarters that turned the game. USC, thinking they had the game, went out onto the field and danced. The Trojan players probably extended out 20 yards onto the field from the USC sideline, and it wasn’t exactly understated that they were doing it as a means of taunting UCLA’s players. Now, in the past this has happened before in UCLA/USC games. Mora’s players would respond, get riled up and taunt back. When Rick Neuheisel was UCLA’s coach there was actually a fight that broke out over this exact thing. But what did Chip Kelly’s players do? They ignored it. They went about their business on the sideline. They even did that well-mocked ring-around-the-rosey conditioning. But they did do one other thing: they made a hand sign to themselves – a chopping gesture of one hand chopping the palm of the other. This week, Chip Kelly had made it a point to his players that his UCLA team wouldn’t get involved in taunting and trash-talking with USC, the type that literally made USC lose against Cal the week before […].”


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