USC Morning Buzz: Anatomy Of A Debacle

Here’s my story on the USC-UCLA for the Sporting News.

Excerpt: “Within the football program, coaches fret over the lack of discipline, permitted because of Clay Helton’s laid-back, players-first style. There has even been off-field drama within the coaching staff, when an assistant coach’s wife accidentally sent a text message to other coaches’ wives that were critical of offensive coordinator Tee Martin’s playcalling.”

Full story here


9 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Anatomy Of A Debacle

  1. You’ve got to spin up a new word there, Scottie. Debacle has been done. Hit that thesaurus, baby…. this is your time. Peak angst! Get ‘er done! Fire up the troops.

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  2. Scott Great article and the Bruin win does not bode well for the future. However, I am writing with information for you. A few weeks ago TCM ran College Humor, a 1933 film staring Bing Crosby. In the film our USC coach Howard Jones had several talking parts. He did well. John Tumpak


  3. SCooter, get the text message from the assistant’s wife. But it probably went this way, what is Martin thinking of, he couldn’t call plays for pee wee football let alone college


  4. I bet the group text was an accident coming from a certain to be fire assistant coaches wife… the SC staff has been sleazy and dysfunctional sine PC got rid , the real reason SC was good, his 1st staff ( minus ahole intern Kiffin). Since then it’s been a bunch of crappy people and worse crappy coaches. The bs about great guy Gomer going around the message boards is apparently ‘ Miss Angela’ Gomer wife trying to save packing her bags and moving back to old Kentuck … where these losers belong.


  5. Helton is definitely gone after what the team has done this year. It is a tough situation this week with what has transpired though. If you let him go today somebody has to be the interim, and one of Helton’s issues has been the staff, especially on offense. So who would man the sideline? Some irony if it is Tee and some wierdness if it is not. Then the AD is probably trying to get a collective yes to make the firing but without a president that is probably taking longer than it would otherwise. So I imagine we will need to face this week’s game with what we have. I must always pull for our guys so praying for the crazy outcome that we somehow upset the Irish and move on from Helton after that. Anyway I played my share of ball and there is a difference between your coach and your dad. I am sure Helton is a great dad, the kind that will let you fail and fix it on your own. It’s different in football. I mean the let you fail part. There is no time for that in football which is why discipline must rise higher in the world of coach and team. The framework of discipline and accountability is solely the responsibility of the head coach. The others cannot put this in place. It has to come from him. The coaches that win consistently do this somewhat naturally and if not they have figured out how to do it. Helton will find work as an OC, no worries. Let’s turn our focus to who can help us now. There are some great guys out there. I appreciate the younger guys, but would choose from some proven people: Harbaugh, Peterson, wittingham. Let’s go!


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