Don’t Cry About Scholarships

Did you hear UCLA beat USC with 57 scholarship players?

When USC had similar numbers in the sanctions era under Lane Kiffin, it was noted in the weekly press release that the Trojans were short handed.

At least Chip Kelly didn’t use it as an excuse.


12 thoughts on “Don’t Cry About Scholarships

  1. Back in the 50’s and 60’s that would be a large squad, the entire team…maybe even in the 70’s…they rarely play more than 50 in a game


    1. And, as for Pendergast, I’ve been commenting on his performance for a long, long, long time…So, the problems persist, contract extensions go on, and, they wonder why things don’t go well… fact, I went so far, right here, as to say Clancy better not come to USC and ask for a pay raise!!!!! Michael Guarino, I believe, came back to me and said, “what about his agent,” lol….right here in this website…..pull that one up, Scott….


  2. Somewhat misleading: an upperclassman having gone through the system as part of the system that helps develop others is different than a roster full of Freshmen. More clearly, 85 player with 21 or so from each class is different than 85 players with majority of them being underclassman. No one is disputing the fact that players at SC haven’t been developed properly- recruits see this as well. However, the numbers are not the same and haven’t been the same for about 4 years now. Scott Wolf is showing his lack of understanding of the game of football and how great teams get built.


  3. USC fan boys who know nothing about the game, ran that scholarship excuse into the ground to protect the arogant , Lane Kiffin, and the delusional drunk, Steve Sarkisian’s failure’s on the field


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